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JYPark 09-22-2013 10:54 PM

Looking for very specific E30 ('91 318is in red)
I'm in the market for a 1991 318is.
I am looking for a stock or oem+ 318is kept in good condition.
For the age I'd expect maybe some bubbling to occur here and there but that's about it.
I'm looking for brilliantrot (red) with black interior ideally but if you have another colored car in excellent condition pm me.
I am prepared to pay upwards of $3000 if the car is low mileage, has service history, mostly (and I do mean mostly) rust free, and is obviously cared for. (that last one shouldn't be hard to fill as this is an enthusiast forum)
I'm not in a hurry so will be bumping this from time to time.
Hopefully someone has a nice brialliantrot 318is e30 for sale sometime soon :).
I can be contacted through PM, or send a text message to 5195807090!
Have a nice day everyone!

aviator 09-22-2013 11:23 PM

I think there is one like that listed on this week.

Bimmer Heaven 09-23-2013 01:19 AM

Good luck, but a car like this should go for about double of $3K!!! To find a specific year/model/colour combo, WITH low KM and records, will be HARD! At that price, next to impossible, unless you get super lucky.*th-up*

JYPark 09-23-2013 07:15 AM

Thanks aviator i look on autotrader and kijiji almost every day though haha :P

And to Eurostyle thanks for the luck but i have patience so hopefully thats a good substitue,
And im not looking for showroom condition for 3000 if its That perfect I'd shell out more.
Im not necessarily lookin for dealership records or anything but the owner should either have a spreadsheet or something detailing everything done to the car so theres no maintenance mysteries and when i say low mileage i mean under 200,000 km ideally or if a bit higher maintenance and work done to keep the car in excellent shape.

Also i see you're a dealer of some sort from your signature, help a brother out and let me know if you get something close to what im looking for in :)

Basically im looking for a car that obviously been shown love and taken care of, something i can tell has been washed often, and well maintained. Also, bump :)

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