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KIRASIR 03-11-2002 03:11 PM

I am gonna puke...


JeorgeBaptista 03-11-2002 03:28 PM


They RICED that bimmer!!!

bobo 03-11-2002 05:26 PM

I like the "chrome illusion" color!

not into the rims or the purple/white interior, but obviously the guy spent some time on all that stuff. If he made it black and yellow though:eek:

ANDREW330CI 03-11-2002 08:38 PM

The outside *th-up* but the inside:puke:

SickFinga 03-11-2002 09:55 PM

I hate the color, I hate the rims, I hate interior. I like audio setup

BLACKKNIGHT 03-12-2002 01:05 AM

Im like"n the color whats wrong with it....
other than the cheap and ugly interior.?

daytona 03-12-2002 01:54 AM

Get rid of the rim,spoiler,seats...after that the owner needs a spanking....:moon:

Gamite 03-12-2002 02:35 AM

ewww.. :puke: I like the DVD in the celing concept, but thats about all I like.

djbeemer 03-12-2002 02:33 PM

it would look good if you got rid of the spoiler, put my rims on it
and got some damn CLEARS!

Furious 03-12-2002 05:22 PM

well not much to say about this car but blah!,, dont like the rims or the interior (although he did colour co-ordinate), and i hate the spoiler,,,yuch,, you guys are right about the system that is the best part about the car,, good set up,, with the dvd and what not.

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