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South 05-05-2013 09:59 PM

Central locking
is it normal to fix one thing on your car and then randomly the next day a totally unrelated thing just decides to stop working?

only recent work was replacing shock struts

today put key into lock and only drivers door opened. same thing for passenger side, respectively. checked fuses and door switches, no problems.

this really sucks as not only do I not have all the doors unlocking and locking but my trunk and gas cap are permanently locked. The trunk for unknown reasons, just never been able to open with key (sprayed wd40 so hopefully that helps trm). Gas cap due to central locking system.

So any ideas? I've surfed the web and am stuck. I've heard that some wires under drivers seat get rusted out and they might be the cause?

Or is it something in the trunk? and btw how does one open a trunk without a key?

DET1990 06-04-2013 06:22 PM

there is wiring in the trunk on the drivers side that can go bad and blow the central locking fuse #7 and to open the trunk you would have to crawl into the trunk hopefully you have folding seats and then pull the carpet off the back of the trunk and move the lock actuator and then press the button outside

sicilianace 06-18-2013 06:13 PM

I recently experience the similar type of central locking problem...i could only manual open one side whether it be driver or passenger ......but i noticed the the no#7 fuse was blown..5A...changed it and it blow its obvious...that a short existed.... the wiring from trunk to rear driver side taillight that section that u see .....i pulled back the rubber hosing.....there it was....from opening and closing the trunk for 20 years.... the coating of the wires were worn off exposing a few wires which touch one taped each wire all up.....everything works....i opened the windows, sunroof and then insert the key (driver or passenger side)turn to right side holding it 5 seconds and presto the windows closed then the roof.......back in business

RW16610 06-27-2013 06:47 PM

Not a whole lot more can be added as those are two good and correct responses above. I too had issues with my fuses blowing and it was the harness in the trunk. The rubber part that is visible has brittle wire insulators inside from years of use, temp changes etc and they broke off. The now exposed wires were touching and this caused the system to fail and blow a good $5 worth of fuses until I figured this out. All that took to fix was a bit of electrical tape and a few minutes.

Regarding the trunk, mine locked shut before too. This was not electronic though as the actuators there were good too. It was mechanical. A small clip in the trunk latch mechanism broke. I ended up bending the rod with needle nose pliers to stop it from falling out of the broken plastic clip and it has been working since. The part can be found at salvage or at the dealer for a reasonable price (It was like $35 a year or two ago for the entire mechanism). Sadly they do not sell the plastic piece that holds the rod in place separately. I had to fold the back seats down, get in the trunk from there with some tools (ratchet and some Torx sockets) and a flashlight to remove the latch so it could open. Once it is free and opened you can use a non marring pry tool to get the carpet liner off. Those clips really suck and may break but I was fortunate enough to be able to put the carpet back over them after as they stayed in and the carpet came free. In my trunk / deck lid the metal around the latch is actually bent so that was part of the issue too. It had to be bent back and bolted in just right to work correctly.

When any vehicle gets a certain age it starts to act weird like this. Fix one thing and something else seems to stop working shortly after. When I got my car in 2010 it was one thing after the other after the other after the other. The previous owners neglected it for a while due to a lack of funds or just not caring anymore after spending enough on it. Thankfully I learned how to do it all myself and have all the tools now to do so. In the end of the day look for ways to get the job done right for less and be grateful you have a vehicle you're passionate about that makes this worth it in the end somehow! *th-up*

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