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scott_88 05-01-2013 12:02 AM

FEELER: 2002 325xi WAGON, 5 speed, 183000kms: $7000
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Hi all,

First of all, I love creeping this site so thanks to everyone who keeps it going. To the mods: this is my first ad, so please let me know if I've done anything not in keeping with forum rules.

I'm posting a feeler for my current vehicle. It's a 2002 325xiT, steel blue on beige leather, with a five speed manual. It's got 183 000kms on it now. I am not sure of the exact packages, but it has H&K sound, and wood interior trim. Pictures are attached. It's a rare vehicle. This vehicle was originally purchased from Budd's stealership by my father and handed down to me. I've owned it for three years and am considering moving on. I tried to keep most of it stock but had a little bit of fun with it. I have done a few mods and maintenance bits to it. These are as follows:


- My father maintained the car religiously at the stealership before I got it
Here's what I have done:
- Oil changes every 10 000kms at RMP or Active Green (I live in Hamilton so RMP is sometimes a little far =( ).
- Pre cat O2 sensors changed at ~ 120.
- VANOS repair with VCG fix at about 130 000. No issues since
- front right CAB and arm recently changed (RMP)
- ABS sensors replaced @ ~ 140 000
- Fuel pump changed around 160 000 or so (RMP)
- Fuel filter done at maybe 150 000 (RMP)
- Rear brake pads and rotors at 180 000. (RMP)
- Spark plugs changed at about 180 000 with NKGs
- Oil level sensor and oil housing gasket replaced at 180 000
- Filled with 93 octane 90% of the time, with the occasional shell 91.
- New Ikon wipers from the stealership
- Fresh Khoalty DS2s put in a month ago
- I bought a new water pump (OEM) and an expansion tank just in case (knock on wood) so you would obviously have that too.


Tints: 35% fronts, 20% rears and hatch.
Clear corners with stock orange bulbs (the solaris bulbs and stuff were too dim IMO!)
Clear sides + LED bulbs
LED license plate covers
Weisslicht Angel eyes (one of the first mods I ever did)
Fresh HID bulbs
Clutch delay valve (RMP)
It says WGN DRGN on the back in Bimmian's metal-style lettering

I've got CSL style REPLICAS on new barum bravuris II summers (got 'em this season) HOWEVER I'd like to keep these are my next potential car may be a bimmer. I can be persuaded to part with them for a bit of extra.
Comes with 17" OEM style 44s with x ice 2 winters (these have gone through one season). You'd just have to throw on some all seasons or summer tires.

LED light kit with dome kit and footwell kit (the white Khoalty ones...not the ricey blue ones)
ENCO B146 nav head unit --> I'll gladly swap in the stock unit if you want. Either way it'll come with the car
Beige leather with faux wood trim

K & N cold air intake (done in 2010). I've also got a spare K&N cone filter
Shark injector (done in 2011)
H&K sport springs (done 2011) on Bilstein sports (2012)... all by RMP
Magnaflow catback exhaust (2011 by RMP)


1) I think the front driver side CV boot might be toast. It causes a funny squeaking noise.
2) Scratched the rear passenger side interior trim while moving a stupid old tube TV for my gf (which she never uses).
3) It's got the odd scratch or scrape on the body
4) I hit the stupid side of the car after a bad day at work and had to get body work done. The rear passengers side rocker panel juts out a bit, but I barely notice it. It's probably not a tough fix.
5) Drivers side mirror is delaminating

I've attached pics below. I'm a total noob so I hope they don't turn out to be jumbo sized or sideways, causing people to develop torticollis. I honestly babied this vehicle. I just finished putting myself through medical school, but still didn't mind racking up a crap load of debt making sure it was well kept. I've got a potential deal to get into a different vehicle coming up this week, so wanted to post this feeler to see if there'd be any interest in my current car. I would love love love love to get $7000 for it. You'd get everything I've listed above (save for the summer wheels and tires). With regards to the summer wheels and tires, I planned on taking them with me, but I'm willing to take a hit on 'em for, say, a few hundred, just to keep the car in one loveable piece. I know maxbimmer members would appreciate the rarity of this car, so would much rather have this vehicle sell here than at the stealership.

I'd really value your opinions on this car and what I'm asking for.


scott_88 05-01-2013 09:30 PM

More pics
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Some more pics

scott_88 05-02-2013 07:45 AM

PMs replied

Open to suggestions

goldhawk 05-02-2013 09:58 AM

Your title says $6k, but in the ad you say you'd really like to get 7, not including the summer wheels... So, which is it?
Has the car been undercoated/oil sprayed ever? regularly?

scott_88 05-02-2013 10:22 AM


7000, Although this is a feeler.

I'd prefer to take my summers with me. I'd stick on the style 44s with winters and people would just have to buy new tires.

Depending on what people are willing to offer, I might leave the wheels on it. For 7000, I would definitely.


Woofer 05-02-2013 01:14 PM

Nice wagon! This would be a great dd.

dgmorr 05-02-2013 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by scott_88 (Post 1608550)

I'd really value your opinions on this car and what I'm asking for.


I would have taken it for $6k back when I was looking.

eljay 05-02-2013 02:31 PM

Nice wagon and I think 6-7k is a good price range for it.

Sent you a PM about a part I'd like to get from it. :D

scott_88 05-02-2013 11:12 PM

Hey all,

PMs have been replied to.

I have officially decided to sell this car. I am going to ask for $6500 and just leave the wheels on... I think that is fair since the wheel+tire combo was at least $1000, and the tires are new this season.

I will be keeping the ENCO unit and putting back in the stock radio (honestly its probably better lol).

I am in the Hamilton area but am definitely willing to meet up with GTA people if there is interest.

I have a 5 series at my doorstep so I'm not in too great of a rush to sell

You can reach me through PM but I would prefer you emailing I'm usually pretty good about emails.

Thanks for your considerations

scott_88 05-02-2013 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by goldhawk (Post 1608733)
Your title says $6k, but in the ad you say you'd really like to get 7, not including the summer wheels... So, which is it?
Has the car been undercoated/oil sprayed ever? regularly?


I just updated the thread. 6500 including the summers but no ENCO.

As for the underspray, ill have to be honest and say I have not done that regularly.


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