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jettafant 03-13-2013 09:47 PM

FS: 1991 318is with Euro S50
Looking to sell my swapped e30. Here are the details:

Shell is a 91' diamondshwarz metallic coupe and reads ~180 000 kms on the odometer, could use some body work as there are holes in the rear wheel wells (pretty normal on an atlantic canadian e30) Floor has been patched, was a quick job and it doesn't look pretty but it does the trick.

Motor is out of a '97 european evo m3 with approximately 73 000 miles and has been fitted with an e34 5 series oil pan and pump both with vac motorsports baffle and upgraded oil pump shaft with reverse threaded bolt so it doesn't back out under the high rpm's. In order to get this thing running I had the ecu sent to MarkD in Toronto where he reflashed it with an ews (alarm) delete and 91' octane file which bumped the rev limit up to 8000rpm. And to keep it plug and play the engine and body harnesses are mated with a treehouse racing swap harness. Everything stays cool, and I mean literally cool, with a mishimoto aluminum rad and slim fan. It's almost overkill because at highway speeds I can have the heat cranked and it blows cold air in the dead of summer, coolant temperature doesn't rise above 170 degrees however. AKG solid aluminum mounts keep everything in place and it is surprisingly smooth because the motor is well balanced and still has the stock flywheel. This setup made 234whp before I had the vanos unit rebuilt/sorted out and I suspect it's making 260-280 horsepower at the rear wheels now. A raceskids skid plate protects the oil pan and adds peace of mind.

Power is planted with a getrag 260 from a 325is with unknown mileage and a built 3.73 limited slip. There are 4 clutches compared to the stock 2, which provides 60% lock up instead of the stock 20-25%. It is filled with redline shockproof, the red stuff, and doesn't make a single noise.

There is a lot of money put into the suspension/steering of the car, even though it pretty much has your basic cup kit from ireland engineering (coilovers are $$$$) it has had every single bushing replaced with AKG polyurethane (75D) except the front control arm bushings. Those are delrin, pretty much spherical in order to clear the euro headers and keep the brand new control arms firmly in place. To shorten up the steering ratio I installed a steering rack from an e36 with a solid aluminum flex shaft coupling. Paired with the 25/22mm ireland engineering this thing handles like a go-kart.

The noticeably bad aspects are:
-The small amount of body work needed to get this thing in tip top shape
-There is a small oil or power steering leak, the levels stay good but there are a few spots on the back of the car after a long trip on the highway
-The wheels pictured on the car are not included. It will either come on bmw bottlecaps or steelies.
- The interior is gutted, I have most of it sitting in the garage, however I threw out the smelly, soggy carpet.
- No stereo. But why would you need one when you have a straight six with individual throttle bodies that screams to 8k rpm?
-Speedometer doesn't work. Brand new sensor in the diff, just needs some pigtails and wiring run.

Price? 7000 firm. I have around 18 000 dollars invested into this rig, and when you think of it, a car that can potentially run low 12's in the quarter mile with traction and the right driver, then spend the next day blasting around shubenacadie is hard to come by for 7000 dollars. If you're 16 years old and come to me with your parents money, I will not sell you the car. I'm not in a rush and would like it to go to a good home.

I wouldn't mind driving the car anywhere between Nova Scotia and Ontario as long as my flight home is paid for on top of the price of the car.

Here are some pictures:

Before floor was fixed
Thanks for looking!

frankie591 03-15-2013 03:17 PM

Very nice!

jettafant 03-27-2013 02:46 PM

Just received a deposit on the power train, so this will no longer be available as a full car! Thanks to those who were interested.

ToysRUs 05-24-2013 01:35 PM

You willing to sell the steering wheel?

slammered 07-07-2013 07:05 PM

how much for the rolling shell?

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