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Seyar 02-26-2013 08:05 PM

Post your favorite picture's of your car/bike
I'll start...


The DD

ultimateX5 02-26-2013 09:31 PM

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Attachment 114858Attachment 114859Attachment 114860

blk3 02-27-2013 12:05 AM

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My e36 and my fz6r

blk3 02-27-2013 12:06 AM

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My e36

dbworld4k 02-27-2013 12:13 AM


Also my current wallpaper, lol.


I owned the playground with this. No one dared to occupy the swings when I came around.

1BADBMR 02-28-2013 02:39 PM

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E36 M3 + Ninja 250 + GSXR600

1BADBMR 02-28-2013 02:40 PM

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Sold the ninja and gixxer and picked up a R6

hardparking 02-28-2013 04:10 PM

LOVE the anniversary R6. Going to try and pick up a clean one with low km this summer.

jeremy 02-28-2013 04:57 PM

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Miss my bike. Sold it to a member here. Would love another cheater 6.

///M-TRD3 03-05-2013 05:55 AM

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^ ;)

Till today, in those odd moments when I glance at a clock and it happens to be 6:36, I know it's no coincidence, just something special :)
They don't come any better than this... from any manufacturer in any prod. year.

740-iLL 03-06-2013 12:37 PM

I need to take some pics of the bike and the car together this coming season

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