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Sebi_IX 01-23-2013 05:32 PM

Turbo engine build m20b27i
I have a IX made in '86 i paid 1000 Euros and its has so many problems its almost impossible to feel good driving it. I want to tear it down and start this spring from chassis and work it up to the engine. And if I am doing this i want to be as close as possible to perfection, i am only doing this once. with the body and electric I can manage but I don't really know what i want and what should i do with the engine.

First of all it's a Sunday car it's a project so if the engine cracks in 200.000 km it's not much of a problem, so I want Power it's a 4x4 so it needs to break grip.

In Romania it's hard to impossible to ship parts because of shipment taxes often higher than the cost of the part.

I have the complete engine block a M20b27 from a 525 eta 1984 so its the old one with only 75.000 KM so its in a pretty good shape and my compleat m20b25.I want to make it a turbo I never had one so i got to turbo it. The thing is I don't want to buy custom or aftermarket parts just rebuild it from other bmw or whatever car stock parts.its easier for a Romanian like me. Just occasional porting or little mod, but otherwise stock . How could i get rid of aftermarket fuel pump and injectors or to stick with bosh and siemens ?)

I read about making a 3.2 liter from b27 and b25 head, involving custom pistons or rods... what is the maximum displacement without custom :D?

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