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ChronicG 01-18-2013 10:10 AM

E46 M3- New Stock Rear Coil Springs too tall?
Hey guys, I just bought a 2005 M3 (ya!), and as part of safety they had to change the rear springs cause they both had a crack in them.
when I picked up the car, I noticed that the rear is noticeably higher than it seems normal (I know that it must have been lower before before of the broken spring.

anyways.. based on some posts, the OE ride height on 18" rims is 26.5" from the ground to wheel arch of the body.
My car is riding at 27".

they guy I bought it from is adament that he bought the correct springs. (and not the non-M springs)

1. Can anyone confirm their STOCK ride height at the rear?
2. Is it true that the springs will SAG over time (sag 0.5"?) Maybe they need to settle in?
the rear tires look they have ZERO camber. I believe stock is supposed to have some negative.

HELP and ADVICE please!

EMPOWERD 01-18-2013 10:45 AM

They will sag to the proper height after a couple of months, just be patient. If it really bothers you, it can be easily fixed (temporarily) by removing the lower & upper rubber spring pads (5mm each). Jack up the rear from the diff, unbolt the lower shock mounts and the control arms will freely suspend to easily removes springs. It'll take you 15min.
The factory camber specs for the rear are between -1.5 & -2.0. If the car sits a bit high, it'll be less due to geometry (hard to notice -1.0 camber).
Also, it's better to measure the distance between wheel hub (center) and fender... different tires brands have different sidewall heights that will throw off a comparison.

ChronicG 01-18-2013 03:22 PM

Sweet. Thanks for the advice! yeah, I tend to notice EVERYTHING (like a paranoia)
I'll be patient and wait for some sag.

You're right. I also measured from the wheel hub, and I think I was at 17". 1/2" more than the front.

Thanks again.

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