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new2bmw 10-04-2012 08:30 PM

Interior which one
I will post pics after but thought i would post it now. I have a coupe with black leather interior and the leather has no rips but does show its age with creases, also have either dark grey or tan carpet, i have the complete interior. I also have the car i am starting work on, it is a four door and has vinyl tan interior that is mint, very fresh and also complete. I know if i want the leather interior over to the new car i will be searching for new door cards for sure, not sure what else would not swap around yet. I am just wondering what you guys would keep, do i go with mint vinyl or is it aged black leather? ty guys, i always enjoy your input.

SubDad 10-15-2012 07:06 PM

Leather is classy, vinyl...
Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this.

Disregarding all future difficulties in finding door cards, etc:

I let my aged, experienced, comfortable leather (2-door) seats go.
I really wish I hadn't. I'd changed the carpet from black to tan and it looked really classy. (And I could find dropped hardware in the footwells.)
There's nothing like old leather to make a comfy seat. Check any Olde Englishe Gentlemen's club or genuine barber shop chair. Or my brother's vast recliner.
Leather cracks, but there's a ton of products to restore the suppleness.
Old leather smells like old leather :cool: and can be repaired.
Old vinyl smells like a... an unfortunate gastric event.. in a beach ball. :eek: and when it cracks, fades or hardens you're hooped.

Try it out with the black seats and vinyl door cards until you can find door cards.

Then sell the seats to me to replace my green cloth (4-door) numbers. Does your rear seat have a ski pass?
No, I'm not an opportunist; I really think leather is better than vinyl. Thousands of cows can't be wrong.

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