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Nerk 08-01-2012 01:37 PM

AC woes... need compressor to evaporator hose!
Hi Guys,

I'm having some problems with my AC unit, first of all.. I replaced by dryer last year, it was all rusted up and obviously probably at fault of the AC system being empty and not working... I tried to get it fill it up this year after I replaced the dryer, and turns out the compressor is also toast...

So my bmw mechanic, happened to have a working compressor from a later E30, its a denso compressor PN: 64-52-1-386-256

The hose is completely different as the fitting on the denso's are much smaller, luckily he had an extra hose lying around, but unluckily enough, it has a leak... so I'm searching frantically for this hose... can't find it anywhere, the dealership can't even cross reference the part number for the compressor to tell me which hose I need to look for...

Does anyone know anything about this, and the differences of the hoses, part numbers or anything that can help me find one? We're going to try and simply "fix" the hose by a local company that makes custom hydraulic hoses, apparently they might be able to do something to AC hoses as well... so if this doesn't work... I need a plan B


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