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wc123wc 07-26-2012 10:21 PM

2002 525i coding
I posted this in the 5-Series forum, but I think this is more of a general topic than a specific series topic. So I am posting the same topic again, hopefully it gets more exposure here and I get more feedback. :)


There are few electronic things I would like to be changed in my car, so I am looking for either someone who can code these changes for me (I am willing to pay for any reasonable price), or do it myself but I have no experience with this so I need someone(s) to walk me through the process (cable needed? software? codes?) (I have some programming experience, but I am by no means a programmer and I definitely don’t have experience with coding cars.)

Here is what I like to be done (I am not sure if some of these things can be done or not):

1) In regard to the AC: I want the AUTO button to turn ON the AC and turn it OFF.
Condition 1: when the AC is running not on auto mode, then I want one press of the AUTO button make the AC auto, a second press to turn off the AC.
Condition 2: when the AC is running on auto mode, then I want one press of the AUTO button to turn off the AC.

2) In regard to the climate control: I want the climate control temperature to increase/decrease by an increment of 2C instead of 0.5C. For example, to increase the temperature from 16C to 24C I want to press the red temperature increase button 4 times (18C-->20C-->22C-->24C), instead of the default 16 times (or press and hold for about 5 seconds).

3) I want the PDC to come on automatically when I start the car and turn off automatically when I put the gear into Park. (Of course, I still want to be able to turn the PDC on and off manually.)

4) I want the car to chime when a passenger is not wearing his/her seatbelt. I can’t remember if it actually gives me a seatbelt light warning on the dashboard or not. I will check this later today. (My 2002 530i used to chime.)

5) I want the doors to be unlocked automatically when I put the gear into Park or turn off the car.

6) I want the day time headlights to have only the Angel Eyes on. Now, it even turns on the inner lights. This doesn’t have to be programmed into the auto lights mode, but I want at least one of the four light settings to have the angle lights on alone.

7) I want the wipers to go back to their original starting position when turned off instead of stopping midway when they are turned off. (This is how it was in my 530i.)

Any helpful tips and advice are much needed and appreciated.

PS: Changes 1-4 are the most important to me. The rest are not that important to me.

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