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bmdbley'sBro 06-09-2012 08:34 PM

So got my e30 vert safetied & plated - after a police encounter & towing
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and now for the latest edition of 'Fuk - my life'

Quebec changed 'the law' for some reason recently regarding Trip Permits. they now only give 3, valid for that 1 day only or 12hrs. after this you must tow your car if one is to be 'legal' . so dropping the car off at a mechs to replace balljoints/control arms & picking it up the Next Day is 2 permits right there and i already used one getting it to the initial inspection! then i had to make 2 seperate trips involving wirering, so i would've needed like 6 or just a week long one.. but nope, only 3. I figured it all out, towing wise: 1st electrical work - for DayTime Running Lights caused need for more wiring work & some relays to lower volts, as a fuse was popping. So i would've needed like 6+ tows - epic money..

so I'm driving to re-inspection at noonish the other day with no temp plate, car was insured & was 'safe' other than official beauracratic paperwork saying so. I pass one cop he stays put, I pass another & he immediately pulls out & pursues me & puts his sirens on. only 4,5 blocks from inspection! This cop had the $100K per system Robot Plate Reader! so as soon as i passed him it popped up on his screen. yeah, aparently in BC they have them on lamp posts & have databases of your travel patterns & everything from what i read. cops database has other info like socio-economic, race & stuff aparently. the BC Privacy minister was going off about it

anywho: he initially said i have no choice I have to tow it, i'm like no you don't you have discression you could let me drive the 4,5 blocks to inspection, lol. he's like i have no choice its the law. so I get a $440 dollar ticket as they load my car onto a towtruck.

So I notice something though, and sure i'm a little ticked i just got a ticket because of a stupid law change that made it impossible to pass my car without spending over $600+ on towing. I notice the officer has no Name Tag, Badge number or any other identifying info. which hey guess what is also a law that is supposed to be followed. so i start asking the officer why he doesn't have that anywhere? he says its on the ticket. I say yes i know, but why isn't it displayed on you anywhere. he says WHy? uhmm because its the law sir. I'm like i know it was combat pants & jeans when you were on strike, but the contract is signed so why no info, sir? Now i always keep a camera rolling during encounters, sometimes a phone going to a answering machine too. so i'm like 3,4 ft from the guy holding the cam panning it back & forth while saying you have no ID present anywhere.. the officer slaps at my camera hand & tells me to get on the sidewalk, then his hand is twitching like he's really frustrated/upset. which hey guess what there was a street cctv cam on a lamp post 30ft its silly to get upset by a camera or a person asking a legit Q.. Anyways I got on the sdiewalk all 'ok sir but, you don't have to assault me' .. so i didn't get arrested.

I go to the impound - literally in the same parking lot as the Gov Inspection place, lol, & they tell me I need a release form from the police 1st & its $25 a day for impound fee's. So i could've waited a day, but instead i waited at the police station for 3hrs for a release, this after paying the ticket. so i get the car out of impound, it was $126. I honestly thought it would be more! So the Inspection center is still open, i'm thinking yes. so they look it over & the rubber on 14" factory rims was a few mm to worn so FAIL! Lol, but they let me leave it there over night. fortunately my bro had some other rims, I had rubber so $68 (install & balance) later, jacking & swapping the wheels in the parking lot: it passed!


look at how blimpy those tires are! and 1 pic of the 17's it failed on * and even with the $570 in tickets I figure I still came out cheaper than the towing would''ve

MaxBell 06-09-2012 10:50 PM

Wow, another saga of the too-numerous, over paid "public servants" called police.

If you think about how we, as the tax payers, employ them, it seems silly for them to not respect us to the utmost.

defaultName 06-10-2012 08:18 AM

So can we see the video?

bmdbley'sBro 06-13-2012 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by defaultName (Post 1570311)
So can we see the video?

not yet, but I'll get around to it.

for now though enjoy this:

The Sly 06-15-2012 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by bmdbley'sbro (Post 1570874)
not yet, but i'll get around to it.

For now though enjoy this:


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