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dcramer 05-09-2012 02:58 PM

low brake pedal
curious how many people have a low brake pedal. There is a thread on bimmerforums that suggests the problem is that the e36 is over boosted. I'm curious if everyone has this problem ?

naui16865 05-09-2012 09:20 PM

I have two E36 M3 coupes with the dreaded long brake pedal travel: my daily driver ('98) and my track toy ('99). They have 275K Km and 174K Km on them respectively. A very good friend of mine has a '97 E36 4dr M3 with the same symptoms.

All three cars have stock brake set-ups. We've used with a wide variety of pad compounds on the street and track: Jurid (OEM), Stop Tech (Street Performance), Hawk track pads (various compounds), Carbotech XP-10s & XP-12s, Ferrodo 2500's. Brake fluid gets flushed frequently on all cars using ATE Super Blue Racing or Prospeed 683 (I like this stuff but it's $$). New rotors tried include: ATE, BMW Motorsport floating, PFC Direct Drive & Brembo. Stainless steel lines are installed on all three cars. Small changes / improvements have been observed as components were changed but NONE of the changes have sorted the problem.

My buddy also had a '91 E36 325i occasional track car that did NOT have this prob at all.

I don't subscribe to the over-boost explanation: the math doesn't make sense to me. A lot has been written on various forums describing the prob with a wide range of attempted fixes but little satisfaction achieved at least wrt dual-use cars.

I've replaced the OEM rubber brake pedal cover with an OMP aluminum pedal + a 1 cm shim to bring the pedal on my track toy to the right spot for comfortable heel & toe. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

dcramer 05-09-2012 09:24 PM

I am also questioning the over boost explanation. My guess is wear inside the booster. It just doesn't make sense. The pedal should be hard regardless of how much boost there is

iverson03tj 05-11-2012 11:47 PM

come to think about it, my 92 325is didnt have that issue.... but it also had the m3 brakes... and once i swapped the m3 brakes into my 96 i felt a noticeable difference.

dcramer 04-19-2013 12:14 PM

ok, after bleeding my brakes as per the bentley manual. Pump the pedal with a pressure bleeder, my pedal is where it is supposed to be.

I guess they really weren't wasting ink. You really do need to do both, use a pressure bleeder and pump the brakes.

Huge waste of time and effort on my part not to mention now really don't need the rallyroad porsche brake kit I ordered

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