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Vrbovsky 04-05-2012 06:27 PM

E30 1990 325is
Here begins the new thread!

I am selling my 1990 325is E30 coupe.
Upgrades and new parts include the following

New rear quarter panels
New tail panel
Newer fenders

New bilstein sports
New vogtland lowering springs
New shock mounts
New subframe bushings
New control arms
New (rebuilt) rack
New inner and out tierods

Just replaced with lower milage motor. 140km
All new hoses.
New spark plugs
New 8mm spark plug wires
New gaskests (intake, exhaust, throttle body, valve cover)
All new fluids
New thermostat
New water pump
New belts
New clutch and pressure plate
New clutch slave

New Falken 512 tires on stock 14" weaves very nice condition
Euro turn signal delete.
Newer brakes
Euro Smiley headlights.
IS side skirts
New shifter and shifter linkages
New M/// shifter knob
Interior is very well kept
I'm sure there is more but I can't remember now...

I've busted my ass and my wallet trying to bring this car back to life. It is now in tiptop shape and worthy of a faithfull maxbimmer brother!

The car is saftied and etested. It is on the road and insured so feel free to come and test pilot!

5000$ firm or trade for an E21 shell plus cash.

I'm located Between London and Sarnia. I'll be happy to meet in London if you're coming from Toronto way.

Vrbovsky 04-05-2012 06:40 PM

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Vrbovsky 04-06-2012 12:42 AM

more pics
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here is the rear end rebuild! note the BMW sticker on the inside of the quarter panel!

jasonbaek 04-06-2012 06:42 AM

I seriously wanna sell mine and get this one.

defaultName 04-06-2012 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by jasonbaek (Post 1558511)
I seriously wanna sell mine and get this one.

I had this solved months ago... What's the hold up!


Originally Posted by jasonbaek (Post 1519951)
does it have a working a/c and sport seats..? and possibly heated?? If so I'm gonna smack my head for not waiting for this and getting my 316i


Originally Posted by defaultName (Post 1519990)
Okay now we're getting somewhere-

defaultName buys jasonbaek's 316i (and you can even have the heated seats that are currently sitting in my garage too)

jasonbaek buys Vrbovsky's 325iS (minus the Ronal's)

E30M42cab buys Vrbovsky's Ronal's

Vrbovsky gets money

Everyone's happy! So when do we do the exchange?!?!

The Ronal's are sold now but who cares, they were just for Scott anyways!?!?

cormier 04-06-2012 11:27 AM

Bahaha where was that post? Scott has everything figured out for you guys looks like!

Lovin the car though so many nice ones out there for e30 buyers

Vrbovsky 04-06-2012 11:47 AM

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current pics... as in today.

Vrbovsky 04-06-2012 11:53 AM

newly installed motor meooooooowing like a kitten

Ceeker 04-06-2012 01:45 PM

REALLY nice dude...I can't see what the hold up is... who ever decides to pick it up won't regret it...super fresh and clean. :-)

jasonbaek 04-07-2012 02:58 AM


Originally Posted by defaultName (Post 1558515)
I had this solved months ago... What's the hold up!
The Ronal's are sold now but who cares, they were just for Scott anyways!?!?

you wouldn't buy mine for $5k would you? :D

Vrbovsky 04-07-2012 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by jasonbaek (Post 1558667)
you wouldn't buy mine for $5k would you? :D

hey, sorry I'm dead set on an e21... why are you unhappy with your euro 316? it looked pretty clean from what I saw.

jasonbaek 04-07-2012 09:27 PM

It's clean drives nicely without a single issue from the first day I bought it. It's just I prefer low-rpm power(not necessarily fast)and a/c. I'm extremely happy with little 316i but
I think I will be little bit happier with yours lol

BimmerBoys 04-18-2012 11:43 PM

Le bump. 4500$ if it dosent sell its going for touch ups in the bodyshop then getting an s52 and it will make all the girls cry and all their mother curse my name for having impregnated their daughters while driving this car!

BimmerBoys 04-19-2012 03:12 AM

Will consider trades!

E21 + cash

Or this

BimmerBoys 04-21-2012 02:38 AM


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