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86coupe30 12-30-2011 12:45 PM

new plans for next year.
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most of you have probably seen the car when brent built it.. I however have owned it for a year or so now and driving it with the holset hx50 that it has on it isnt really very fun anymore.. since half the time it would be running like crap and or breaking driveshaft bolts*rockout* ive decided to put a more reasonable sized turbo on.. I was just seeing if anyone has any insight on the new precision turbos with the billet compressor wheels.. I think im either going to get the 5857 or the 6262.. anyone got any suggestions. these things are nice.. vbanded to your manifold... penuts to take apart.

his is my current motor set up:
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- Stock bottom end, ARP head bolts,
- 72lb lucas injectors
- Exotic speed tubular exhaust manifold
- Holset HX-50 turbo with 21cm exhaust housing.
- 2.75" charge piping, 21x12x3" intercooler
- GReddy Type-RS BOV
- tial 38mm wastegate
- Hallman manual boost controller, in cabin
- welded water jackets
- 282 cam
- 255lph walbro intank.( changing to something else)


Megasquirt 2v3 mainboard, native USB converted
- Innovate LC-2 digital wideband o2 sensor
- GM IAT sensor tapped into charge piping
- GM wasted spark coil pack packs plugs are (ngk brp7es)

So.. that being said. the m20b25 bottom end in the car right now seems a little tired (compression is low @ 75-85psi across the board) so im going to buy a new low k motor would it be worth it now to put the m30 in it and boost that? these turbos are fairly new so I cant seem to find many bimmer guys running them yet.

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money shot
Attachment 108168
let me know what you guys think

e30_kid89 12-30-2011 02:36 PM

Though those turbos are both reasonably sized and good choices for a m20, you need to know how much power you're looking to make firstly, then you can choose a turbo that can works best for that goal..There are a handful of guys running the 6262 on various bmw engines/setups already.

86coupe30 12-30-2011 07:58 PM

i wanna make 350-400 ish

e30_kid89 12-30-2011 09:09 PM

if that's all you're looking to make then a 6262 will get you there with plenty of headroom no problem, I'd consider getting a precision SC61(same compressor as a garrett gt35r with a stg5 turbine wheel versus the regular "GT" turbine wheel) it'll make 350/400whp easily with a high ceiling as well and deliver fun usable spool and a great powerband. Get that hx50 back on a diesel where it belongs :) the sc61 is also cheaper than a 6262!

don't get suckered into the "billet turbo" hype...*no-no*

SamE30e 01-03-2012 11:41 PM

Precision 6262's seem to be the norm on larger displacement 4's and smaller displacement 6's. Billet wheel is key! Holset's seem to just be a cheap turbo that people slap on to make power, and typically aren't sized properly for the setups.

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