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Bullet Ride 11-24-2011 09:32 PM

Sweet driving roads just south of St. Catharines
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I went for a drive to St. Catharines today because I was giving a friend of mine a lift back to Guelph. Anyway, I left early so I could check out some roads I haven't been down before.

Here's a link to the route I took.

King Rd. in Burlington is short but pretty sweet and a good spot to rip as there isn't really any houses.

And all of the twisty roads inside the attached image are wicked, and just a few minutes south of St. Catharines. They are very much like roads up in cottage country, narrow, blind off camber crescents, all that fun stuff, and the pavement is good too. Be warned, they are narrow so approach corners cautiously there could be a big pick-up coming the other way

noodles101 11-24-2011 09:57 PM

sweet find !! i love finding new winding roads !!

i dont have a map but there's another good road from waterloo to dunville ,

take road 24 all the way down to dunville, it passes through cayuga and everything, the road goes right beside the grand river all the way down to dunville airport.
( can't really speed there but its a good windy road along the river , good for sunny day cruise )

canuckder 11-24-2011 11:32 PM

I live right by king road , !

There are some good roads in that area for sure.

If you go to Sager rd and concession road 6 area. And south of there, there are good roads, connects farm feilds

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