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325isdan 11-19-2011 11:03 AM

Canadian Vehicle Use Study
So I was selected to participate in Transport Canada's Canadian Vehicle Use Study.

I can not participate since my car is not OBDII ( not sure why they selected me since they know what type of car I drive)

If this could work with my car I would still be leery to sign up for this program since the main thing they are looking at is your driving speed, even though they say it is "completely confidential".

If they were not recording your seed it looks pretty cool since you get a report on your driving habit; fuel consumption and mileage...

Has anyone else been selected for this?

If anyone is interested\cvus

325isdan 11-19-2011 11:09 AM

So I found out for non OBDII cars you fill out a paper survey compared to the GPS recorder for OBII cars.

sirex 11-19-2011 03:42 PM

actually thats good because if the people doing this survey are driving 120 km/h mostly on high ways maybe they can release a report say that not only are vehicles fuel efficent at 120km/h people already drive at that speed... therefore increase limit

slemmer 11-19-2011 11:27 PM

How does one get selected? Did you sign up somewhere or is it random?

bmwm5lover 11-20-2011 11:11 AM

Thet would put me in jail if they recorded my driving/speeding habits.

325isdan 11-20-2011 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by slemmer (Post 1535252)
How does one get selected? Did you sign up somewhere or is it random?

MY guess is it is just randomly. On the letter I received it states only 6000 people were selected. I will be starting on Nov 28th. I am looking forward to receiving the report back.

AccentGirl 01-03-2012 10:36 PM

Scary, very scary, I'm running as fast as I can from this one. I received a "SURVEY OFFER." If you do not already know about your OWN driving's time to park your car and walk! Big Brother certainly is not casually wanting to know how I drive my car. More like another way to inch their way into my privacy. Higher insurance rates and speed tracking is more like it. As for the draw for a thousand dollars I'll be entered in if I participate...I value my privacy over any draw, any day.

325isdan 01-04-2012 08:21 AM

Well I just actually completed the survey. I got it right before Christmas. This study is not for you to find out what your driving habits are ( even though you will be provided with a report of your driving habits), but to give an example of what the average driving habits are of an average Canadian during an average week.

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