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Discostar 11-17-2011 07:50 PM

6-Speed Swap, Reverse light doesn't work..

Just wondering if there was anyone out there who has tackled this issue. I recently swapped an e46 M3 Getrag into my e36. The reverse lights now engage in all gears. So as a temporary solution I just pulled them both so I'm not driving around with them on.

The connectors on the two harnesses match up. Unfortunately they were never meant to connect to each other, so I’m sure the prongs are in the wrong spots. However, the connectors only go together one way.

Anyone know of a clean fix for this without hacking everything apart? Possibly another connector I could splice in.

ZiMMie 11-17-2011 10:28 PM

There are 2 switches on the 6speed one for reverse the other for gear position.

Put in the reverse switch from the 5speed.

Measure both switches length before proceeding they should be the same length.

#18 is the reverse light switch.

sparf328 11-23-2011 01:07 PM

^zimmie i know you have an s54 swap so you probably bought ur engine tranny together but i wanted to get a ball park on how much it is going to cost to swap the 6 speed into my e36, I'm aware i gotta change the clutch/flywheel/mounts and dirveshaft but some of this stuff on seems unnecessary ( m3 evo shifter carriers etc. ) and i already have to the uuc short shift kit which should work with the six speed tranny right? ( i believe there should be no difference ) anyways if could give me a rough idea of what its going to cost me that would be great thanks, plan on combining the six speed with a 3.64 rear end and more boost*th-up*

Discostar 11-23-2011 10:09 PM

Zimmie, I'm assuming you’re affiliated with Stancefactory. I have heard good things, thanks for the info. At the time of install I somehow don’t remember a second plug that looked like the one shown in the picture. I think there were only two separate two prong plugs, and one of the round type shown. Is that possible?

I'll get back under there in the next few weeks when I have more time and double check.

sparf328, if you have the 5speed, you most definitely do need a new carrier. The two are not even close. In fact the M3 Evo carrier that UUC suggests is also not a “perfect” fit. It offsets the gates ever so slightly. But the difference is so small you will prolly not even notice. Not sure if UUC corrected for this minor difference. It may even be a factor of the skew of the s52 cross brace compared to the S54 (if there even is a difference) or something related.

You can also use your stock M50/M52 flywheel and pressure plate, and get away with just using an E46 m3 disk. However, I would suggest not cheaping out on such an important part. Mixing and matching clutch parts usually results in a very odd clutch engagement and feel, and really takes away from the upgrade.

You also need to pay attention to proper master/slave cylinder sizing. I have the 325is Master cyl with the 325is slave.. it feels like crap, but ill be swapping in the M3 Master cyl over the winter. Not sure if there are any other options.

I would suggest you also change the clutch line, any and all shifter bushings and mounts and if your so bold, go with a lightweight flywheel seeing as you have everything apart.

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