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Gamite 09-28-2011 12:32 PM

BMW i8 Concept

HavocSteve 09-28-2011 03:50 PM

The BMW i8 Concept is not only fast and extremely fuel efficient, it also leads the way in innovative vehicle light technology.. For the first time BMW introduces as part of the BMW i8 Concept the newly developed Laser Light. Headlights that are more efficient than LED lights, highly flexible, ten times smaller, pleasant to the eye and absolutely safe.

By definition, laser lighting is radically different from sunlight, and also from the various types of artificial lighting in common use today. Laser lighting is monochromatic and it is also a "coherent" light source. As a result, laser lighting can produce a near-parallel beam with an intensity a thousand times greater than that of conventional LEDs. Also, the high inherent efficiency of laser lighting means that laser headlights have less than half the energy consumption of LED headlights. Simply put, laser make the BMW i8 Concept even more efficient.

The intensity of laser light poses no possible risks to humans, animals or wildlife when used in car lighting. Amongst other things, this is because the light is not emitted directly, but is first converted into a form that is suitable for use in road traffic. The resulting light is very bright and white. It is also very pleasant to the eye and has a very low energy consumption.

A further feature of laser technology, which has important implications, is the size of the individual diodes. This opens up all sorts of new possibilities when integrating the light source into the vehicle. These size advantages could be used to reduce the depth of the headlight unit, and so open up new possibilities for headlight positioning and body styling.

noodles101 09-28-2011 03:51 PM

is this the bmws supercar line up?

FelixT 12-07-2011 05:20 PM

I heard it's gonna be in mission impossible?

craigIS 12-07-2011 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by FelixT (Post 1538266)
I heard it's gonna be in mission impossible?

Well, considering the adverts for the new MI movie; it may be safe to say yes.

I don't like electric cars, because there is not massive power output, and they don't go terribly fast. This i-8 however tickles my fancy. I at least would like the chance to be a passenger in one of these.

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