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CoreyC 09-27-2011 07:54 PM

Stripped torx in the sunroof motor - advice please!
Hi all, well, this summer my sunroof gave the proverbial CRUNCH! and wasn't retracting quite right.

I went for the quick fix - ordered the 'slide' parts for the sun-shade. But, mine were not broken. Found out the spiral coil is bunching. So, my cassette is cracked somewhere. No worries, I'll pull the headliner in the spring, and see if I can't fibreglass the cartridge back to snuff.

BUT - in all my frantic efforts, I stripped the manual adjust torx head in the sunroof motor. It's a very soft metal. Grrr....

I need help! The motor is fine! Anyone know if I can get a replacement torx bolt for the motor (fat chance I think....). Or, for the tool/die types, can I re-tap the stripped torx head?

Help please!!

Many thanks in advance!

slemmer 09-27-2011 08:54 PM

can you cut a straight line with an abrasive wheel so that a flat screwdriver can be used?

toy4to 09-27-2011 09:18 PM

I hate having stripped bolts. I've used the 'Grabit' line of screw/bolt extractors and it worked very very well for me. Canadian Tire sells it, under the house brand name. Use it with a drill and in reverse mode. Then flip over the bit and use the other end, but do it by hand with a bit driver and slowly you'll get it out! They have infomercials for this thing...but it works very well!

And a youtube video showing how to use...

Nick_V 09-27-2011 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by CoreyC (Post 1525980)
It's a very soft metal. Grrr....

I've cursed BMW more than once for using those fasteners. If they are old they seem almost guaranteed to strip. I usually just clamp down as tight as I can on the bolt head with some vice grips - usually does the trick.

CoreyC 09-28-2011 07:38 AM

Thanks peeps. Slemmer, I'll try that.

I can't try the Grabit, or the vice-grips - this is the tensioner bolt (maybe I shouldn't call it a bolt). It actually stays in place in the motor assembly - but turns, and engages the threaded metal cable.

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