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ProStreetDriver 08-06-2011 12:26 AM

DIY: Installing A Plug To Repair A Tire Leak (Video)
How to install a plug to repair a puncture/hole in the tread face of a tire. The sidewall cannot be repair as it is unsafe and illegal.

-remove tire from vehicle
-find air leak using soapy water and watch for bubbling
-remove object in tire using a screw driver, pliers, etc
-using the reamer from the tire repair kit, stick in the in the hole so it goes through to the other side, twist reamer to clean hole
-load plug into needle, center plug in needle
-stick plug 2/3 length tire with 1/3 left exposed to the outside
-pull needle straight out quickly without twisting
-cut off access plug using side-cutters, razor, etc
-pump up tire and reinspect for leak
- when all is done, reinstall tire on vehicle

crxgsr 08-06-2011 12:04 PM

plug repairs should really be only used in case of emergencies. The proper way is to use a patch (or plug patch) from the inside.

And also, warranties are void with plugs.

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