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Reflections 08-02-2011 10:52 PM

Car Shopping and Reliability
So my dads due for an upgrade with a car after nearly 13 years strong with a CRV. Keep in mind, he keeps his cars running for a long time! His previous car was kept for 14 years!

Hes in a phase where he wants a nice car, adequate power, and generally good reliability. So looking in on the following:

BMW 328i Coupe (2007+)
Lexus IS350 (250 seems pretty slow and its only a little more for the bigger engine)
Audi A4 (2006-2008, as the newest model is still quite pricey)

Whats your take on this? Reliability wise, in a BMW what is there to look out for and are there good mechanics (stealerships are annoying). We will be test driving all in a few days, with me in the passenger seat.

damameke 08-03-2011 08:52 AM

Going from a Jap to European car, 13 years in a CRV , he for sure knows the DD is a 2000 CRV too and I know what he meant by lack of power, but cant fault's its reliability...

The car you had identified, are pretty good car, my take is to test them all and get service/repair history, it will let you know it's reliabilities, carfax or car proof(some might not even showed up in the report)....then get one of the garage in here to check it out before buying...

I have a 2003 325 xi, a 2001 Z3 and a 2006 323 and all are pretty good, just normal maintenance and just changed a window regulator in the 325, this is normal wear and tear.

Did you look at the newer Maxima?That might be another option,, pretty powerful..

Happy shopping...

sparco_typer 09-04-2011 07:23 PM

he should buy my g35x 2006

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