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bigcletus 04-15-2011 07:56 PM

New Tires
A while back I ordered a set of Cont DWS tires from Tire Trends in BC. Yesterday I took them to the dealer and had them installed, balanced and an alignment. Wow...they are great. Quiet with good grip. I know there's better, i.e. Pilots, but for less than $800 delivered, I'm impressed. I had Federal SS 595's (cheapies) on the car from the previous owner. I thought they were ok, but these are great. Also the alignment was a bit off from spec so the car should be much more responsive.

mr.crappy 04-15-2011 08:51 PM

i have a set on my magnum wagon 245/45 and 275/40 20's and love them.......on the second season and still like new! quiet, hot looks, and 540 treadwear rating. suggest to anyone.

bigcletus 04-16-2011 01:33 PM

Mine are quite a bit smaller: 255-40-17 & 235-45-17.
Did you drive with those Conti's over the winter ?? Any issues if you did ? This will be my 1st winter driving the car so I'm curios on how the handle in -30 lol.

mr.crappy 04-16-2011 02:02 PM

no only summer... 17" snows on factory wheels for winter

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