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frenchy 04-04-2011 09:53 PM

air intake, tail pipe, software
Not too much trafict on the one series.
So i will ask a question to all the pro's out there.
Anyone as updated their air intake and did some software upgrade on their 135.

I might do that this june when the software become avaialble for the 2011,135.
just want to know if it is as great as some people claim.

thanks all.*th-up*

Kevin_rus 04-28-2011 07:06 AM

I ve got n55 135i with jb3 piggy back system. Runs like a champ :) never had experience with flash tunes, but people that have done it are happy as well. ( even tho the gains are smaller and $ is way more) .
Intake wise I will be getting an aFe intake for n55 from
It's a bit pricey but after reading all the reviews on it I think it's well worth it. ( btw it's listed for 335, but confirmed to fit 135)

Hope that helps :)
And yeah... I wish there would be mere action in 1 series forum :)

frenchy 04-28-2011 08:48 PM

hp and intake
Thanks Kevin for all the good info's.
I'm kind of new with BMW products,
How many HP do you think you have added with the jb3 and which intake were you looking at, at modbargain.

thanks again.
I'm still looking for a rear diffuser and some LED tail lights.
If you see some, please email me the links.....much appreciate

Kevin_rus 04-29-2011 06:04 AM

That's the intake I'm looking to get, stockish looking and good reviews.
Tail pipe, can't really tell you anything about that. I haven't looked into that. I'm pretty happy with the stock one, I did a "t" mod on it and loving it. The only thing I would consider is getting a downpipe, but pricey ....$700
And lights..... Just let em be man, they r good looking as it is

Kevin_rus 04-29-2011 06:33 AM

Tune options so far: jb3 and procede
Gains are similar, but from what I've learned about em, jb3 is more like install and forget about it, procede is more for people that need a toy to play around with( I.e. Shift light, internal boost gauge etc). Price wise, jb3 is way cheaper, that's why I personally went for it and loving it :)
On both tunes you get about 50hp and 60tq to the wheels.

frenchy 05-18-2011 11:41 AM

HI Kevin

I think I will do waht you did and get a Jb3.
The stage 1 from Dinan may not be available before another 4 months.
And is cost alot of $$$ for the gain.

Question for you.
Is the Jb3 kit easy to install.
Did you buy directly from Burger Motorsport.
I assume they provide some picture as where each connecters are install.
Did you get that option "CAN tool" with it.

thanks again for all the good info's.
I appreciate all your help.


Kevin_rus 05-18-2011 04:04 PM

Yes, I got it directly from Burger Motorsport, but if you're in GTA we have a dealler that sell them out of Mississauga if you e-mail him you can schedule a local pick up there's the we site If you buy through the web site delivery in GTA is next day.
My advice to you is to get a can tool and a USB cable all at once to save the hassle. I found Can Tool rather useless aside from deleting codes which you will have running a tune, I don't mean CEL codes, but tuner detection, burnout etc. CT will come handy when taking to stealership for repairs or maintenance.
USB cable is a musg tho... After having fun on stock JB3 settings for about a week you"ll want more and I can promise you that :) Just any USB cable will not do it has to be a specific one from Burger Motorsport otherwise will not work. With it you can tweak boost settings a bit which will help you get rid of your tires quick :)
About the installation: pretty easy to install took me about 35-40 min first time I did it,bacause really not to clear in the instructions about the location of the last sensor, but if you use it their installation manual and look close on all the pictures you'll be ok.
Another word of advise, install your usb cable right away if you get it to save the hassle of taking the car apart again :)

Hope that helps

frenchy 05-19-2011 08:15 PM

N55 stage 1
hi Kevin
Well, The N55 stage 1 or JB3 is on order.
Should be here by next week.

I also install a Sprint booster the other day.
Nice diference on ths gas pedle. A bit pricey, but that was a big deal for me.
Waiting for a carbon rear diffuser.

Anyways, thanks again for all your inputs.

I will let you know what i think when the jb3 is installed.


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