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dietrich 01-20-2011 04:19 PM

OEM performance rotors vs ?
Just wanted some input on whether a place like this is worthwhile for rotors? $300 installed for all rotors and new pads seems like a good deal.

Or should I stick with OEM?

T.Dot_E30 01-20-2011 06:38 PM

If you don't track your car, the rotors should be fine, but then again i don't like cross drilled, I prefer blanks. I would get some good pads thou instead of those cheap no name ones.

phill_e46 01-20-2011 07:17 PM

I would be careful with after market rotors. I was told that they need to be breaked in as in no sudden hard stops I have after market Ebc rotors and they warped on me right from the get go I had to get them machined. That's my experience

dietrich 01-20-2011 07:37 PM

it seems like a significant cost savings especially considering the cost of installing. Seems like a tough decision...

phill_e46 01-20-2011 07:44 PM

Have you tried searching them to see if you can find any feed back, it is a great deal in my opinion

Another BM 01-21-2011 02:21 PM


for that price the pads are going to be shit.. quality pads will run you about $200 alone.

just put it this way.... if you get shitty pads and rear end someone because you could not stop 10ft faster and an insurance claim is made your gonna pay thousands in insurance costs.

get the rotors, but make sure you dont cheap out on the pads

dietrich 01-21-2011 02:23 PM

Ok, so what I'm hearing is that these rotors should be good. Just make sure to get good pads? I've heard good things about metal master pads, or oem is good enough?


T.Dot_E30 01-21-2011 04:34 PM

I prefer Hawk HPS pads, but there are a few others that are pretty good also. Do some searching, there are several pads that people recommend based on your driving style/needs.

andrew.k 01-21-2011 05:26 PM

I've been using HAWK hp's for almost 4 years now with both my BMW's. Fantastic pads, doesnt throw brake dust on your rims like the OEM ones and stopping power is fantasic. The only thing that bug some people is the noise that comes from using those pads, for me I could care less. +1 for HAWK HP's

dulak 01-21-2011 05:56 PM

Akebono. Nuff said. Minimal brake dust and amazing stopping power.

Also a compound used by many F1 race teams.

Another BM 01-21-2011 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by dulak (Post 1476628)
Akebono. Nuff said. Minimal brake dust and amazing stopping power.

Also a compound used by many F1 race teams.

I agree 100% I'm also running akebono and I'm very impressed with them great stopping power and it is very low on the dust

SMP TYPE R 01-21-2011 08:59 PM

I use PBR and they are good too!

Renboy 01-21-2011 09:27 PM

When I bought my car in August I had to change the brakes to pass safety. I bought a version of these 'ebay style' brakes for dirt cheap thinking good enough. It was a Saturday, and they were one of the only places I could get brakes in a hurry, so I got them. Fast forward 6 months, I'm now looking for new brakes. The rotors are warped, and the pads from day one didn't stop the car very well. I wouldn't recommend them. Truthfully it doesn't bug me that much since I do all the work on my car, but if you're paying to have it done, do it nice, or do it twice. You'll save in the end with a quality product.

dietrich 01-22-2011 09:31 AM

ok I think I'll just stick with oem.

slemmer 01-22-2011 09:25 PM

Get it from Maranello. Super prices.

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