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Bimmerized 01-13-2011 12:03 PM

What should I do, plz plz advise!!
It runs really good I drove it last night, and brought it to my mechanic. It needs brakes and a muffler! One owner, original paint, 160k, and it looks like it because it looks mint:

He wants $2000 and my car which is this:

He's paying the taxes, it's a dealer, and all I have to do is transfer the plates, the 318 is etested already!

I paid $1200 for my Tiburon, I put lots of stuff in it though, xenons, tint, leather seats, voltage stabilizer, grounding kit, control arms, motor mounts, brakes, exhaust manifold gasket, and a whole bunch of other stuff, it's fully loaded, and it drives very nice, but I really want the bimmer! Should I wait until I sell my Tiburon, or should I just give him the $2000 and get it done and over with!???? Please I know it's random I just need your two cents!


Nguyen_E30 01-13-2011 12:21 PM

It looks to me like the front/rear bumpers have been replaced?

ScotcH 01-13-2011 12:40 PM

no, the bottom of the barrel 318 had basically primer body parts from the factory ... super cheap!

Bimmerized 01-13-2011 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by ScotcH (Post 1475131)
no, the bottom of the barrel 318 had basically primer body parts from the factory ... super cheap!

so wut you're saying, should I go for it?

E36is 01-13-2011 05:28 PM

did your mechanic check for head gasket leaks? the 1.8 m44 or m42 are known for this. If eveyrthing checks out, and only the brakes and muffler, then i say offer $1000.

Dr. Flyview 01-13-2011 05:49 PM

How much do you figure your tiburon is worth?

I wouldn't go for a 318. It's the base of the base and you will end up putting a lot of money into it making it go and look. 160k is good mileage but is also right around the time when all the bushings need replacing, or soon will. I'd much rather buy a mint maintained 328is/i with 250k.

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