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audi5000 01-10-2011 02:04 PM

94 320 wont start after filling up
okay, i just drove down to get some gas.
got almost a full tank of 91.
to go drive away and my car wont start.
try 8 or 9 times before i got it to maintain a 200rpm idle.
when i finially did i was going about 2 kms and it was struggling to do anymore.
i pulled back into the place and she stalled out.
havent been able to start it since.

i started it alteast 15 times before i went to get gas.
did i get shit gas or did my pump crap out?
i can start it with my foot on the pedal, revs up to 3K rpm then shuts off.

audi5000 01-10-2011 02:32 PM

got it running after about 30 tries.
stalled out twice.
runs like a bag of ass.

anyone know what it could be?

1BADBMR 01-10-2011 02:33 PM

What gas station did you go to?
Years ago I went to a very old Sunoco station and the same exact thing happened after I filled up. Had to tow the car to a mechanic and what he found was shocking.
Water was in my gas tank !!!:mad:
I went back to the Sunoco and flipped out on them.*uzi*
They ended up paying for the repairs and even the tow.*wiggle*
The attendant there told me that the tanks we so old that it was starting to rust underground and water was leaking in. Not too long after the incident, they closed it down for good.


T.Dot_E30 01-10-2011 02:42 PM

Take it to a mechanic, it can either be a coincidence like above, or it could be an issue with your car not wanting to idle. For example, bad maf, coil pack, spark plug, injector or a vacume leak.

Call the gas station and ask if other cars had an issue on the day you got gas. usually it will happen to most cars that used that pump and they'll have to cover a large amount of repairs or they'd be sued.

if it was bad gas, you shouldn't have an issue getting the gas station to pay up. Happened to my family in bufflo, the company paid for towing to Toronto and hotel accommodations including the repairs.

hockeyfan27 01-10-2011 03:29 PM

Get it checked out!

The owner of a small engine shop I know said he had a pile of machines come in last year that had diesel mixed in with the gas. End of the storey was: the Tanker driver screwed up and dumped diesel in the regular tanks. All the those machine owners filled their jerry cans up at the same station.

audi5000 01-10-2011 04:24 PM

it was an esso in Brampton.

i ran out for lunch while doing a job here and filled up.
if i can start my car again when i leave work ill stop in a shop and the Esso i got the gas from.

audi5000 01-10-2011 06:22 PM

Just rebuilt the ICV here at work. still no start.

zackman17 01-11-2011 02:29 AM

just to update this thing wouldnt start wouldnt start they we noticed the check engine light didnt come on with power up so pulled the cluster checked bulbs moved a few around because some were actually missing put them back in did stomp test and no codes. then tried to start and the car fired right up *mumble* ran for about 1minute mb then had to shut it off cant idle in the building *mumble* note it didnt run perfect. then it wouldn't start again hose going checked fuelpump line by feeling it and there is pressure then it dies. pulled the fuel rail tried cranking it and noting so now were thinking pump or small chance filter is clogged or both? i guess trav will see tmrw. *th-up*

EuroSpec_92 01-11-2011 02:41 AM

LMFAO that just about sums it up eh zack :P

zackman17 01-11-2011 02:43 AM


Originally Posted by EuroSpec_92 (Post 1474618)
LMFAO that just about sums it up eh zack :P

basically! **** my hands still smell like that cherry gojo handwash shit

Bimmer Heaven 01-11-2011 02:50 AM

Just pull out the fuel line off the pump and check for gas, if you get any then its not the (pump/filter etc). To me it shounds more like vaccume leak or electronic (sensors/DME)...Fuel problems would cause it to just shut off, untill it does not star at all anymore (all the gas from the line gets used up).

zackman17 01-11-2011 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by Eurostyle (Post 1474621)
Just pull out the fuel line off the pump and check for gas, if you get any then its not the (pump/filter etc). To me it shounds more like vaccume leak or electronic (sensors/DME)...Fuel problems would cause it to just shut off, untill it does not star at all anymore (all the gas from the line gets used up).

there is nothing coming out when you squeez the line and turn the ignition the pump surges then the hose goes soft no pressure what so ever now it wont really fire at all just cranks . we did get it to start after i spoke to you but it ran really rough then we had to shut it off because it couldnt idle in the building. idk if its possible to be dme it wouldnt start at all?

audi5000 01-11-2011 05:38 PM

changed a fuel pump and ran some lucas fuel cleaner through.
runs the same as before.
cant rev it past 2500rpm and and to keep my foot on the gas or it will stall.
i think its in limp mode.
tried resetting the battery, is there any other way to get it out?

Bimmer Heaven 01-11-2011 06:02 PM

Limp mode won't cause that...

audi5000 01-11-2011 06:37 PM

hmm somethings stopping my from revving past 2500Rpm. i also cant put the foot to the floor without it stalling.
ive been sitting here in the parking lot since 3 researching this crap.

as soon as i hit 2500Rpm it stops like a rev limiter
possibly because my tranny is shot and its limiting what i can do?

i thought was the throttle position sensor.
i have a problem with my civic. i would put the foot down and it would bog the engine out, idle like shit and barely move when in gear.
exactly like what its doing now.

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