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magnus 11-09-2010 03:03 PM

Our E30 M3 Europa(Rust)Meister rebuild
Well as many friends in here have requested here is my thread on the rebuild.
I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this so admins please move if it is not!

I will start of by saying that this car has been severy mistreated in the past.
There has been some bodywork done on it but by what i can only call cowboys. I say this because instead of fixing the problems they just covered them up as best as their litle talent allowed them.
If you need further explanation on who and whay you should avoid when it comes to repairs please contact me. All i can say is the people who did work on this car in regards to the bodywork should close their business and buy a boat....they ll be better off fishing cause thei sucked ass in bodywork. And for sure they never loved a BMW as they should have....
Proof is one of the pictures where they covered the problem area with a pice of metal and painted over.
But enough with these morons!!!!

The car has tons of rust but we knew this (or at least most of it) when the car was bought.

At the moment the car has been completelly stripped and work on the rust has started.
It will be put on a rotiserie this weekend (rig so we can turn it upside down.

Below are some random pictures to show the terrible state the car is.

We are lucky enough to get Steini (anyone who has been in the Kruiser club will know him) work on our car.
Anyone that knows him can tell you about his work.
I would also like to thank Sveinbjorn (Alpina) and ├×ordur(Onno) for all their advice and help so far.
I will be replacing all panels with new one (or at least the ones that are still available from the dealer).
It will then have a complete respray in the original colour.
The only additions i will add outside will be rear Evo Sport spoiler

front Evo spoiler

and possibly change the mirros (one of the two below)

Mechanically i will be rebuilding the engine to 2.5 spec most likely with mild modifications for some extra bhp....
Gearbox and diff will be rebuild accordingly.

We have not decided on the interior but i will definetly retrim door panels and center console (original coloured leather)
Most likely i will change the seats to possibly some Recaro CS

or SR similar to the origina Evo Sport seats)

or maybe some Bride seats

retrimmed offcourse to match
There will be some more changes (steering wheel, gauges, etc) but nothing decided yet. I will post though as we progress.

All subframes and drivetrain parts will be cleaned painted and/or replaced if needed.
The plan is to keep everything original with the possibility of doing an S54 swap next year. All original parts will be kept and all modifications will be done so as to be able to put it back to the original state when needed.

We have not decided on wheels yet but it will for sure be 17 inch and staggered.
In any case here are some pictures with the progress so far.
I will try and update this thread as often as possible but if you have questions or something please contact me.
Ciao for now and for those of you who know who the cowboys are please avoid them working on your car. Those who dont....ask around!

magnus 11-09-2010 03:04 PM


magnus 11-09-2010 03:05 PM

magnus 11-09-2010 03:07 PM

magnus 11-09-2010 03:07 PM

magnus 11-09-2010 03:08 PM

Rear wings, sills, fuel tank and cabrio front tower reinforcement pieces have been ordered and are on their way from BMW

Things to be ordered this week. Some will be changed but here is what we are negotiating so far:

UUC E30 M3 Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Clutchmasters - E30 M3 Clutch Kits Stage 1, Performance full-face Organic
E30 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit, with Protective Coating, D.O.T & TUV Approved
E30 (M3) Complete Chassis Reinforcement Kit, Includes:
-Front Sway Bar tab reinforcements (2)
-Front subframe/Motor mount reinforcements (2)
-Rear Sway bar trailing arm reinforcements (2)
-Rear Sway bar chassis floor reinforcements (2)
-Rear Shock-tower mount reinforcements (2)
BMW-E30 M3, Short-Shift Kit Premium Kit, Includes:
-1.9L Z3 Shifter (A long time favorite replacement of E30M3 enthusiasts)
-Gear Shift Rod-Joint Washer
-(2) Cir clips
-Shifter-Rod Sleeve Bushing
-Carrier Rod Bushing
-(4) yellow washer shims
-Gearshift Selector Rod Joint
-Rod Joint foam Shim / Spacer
-Shifter Carrier Arm Bearing
E30 Finned Differential Cover *** With Hardware, Bushing, and Gasket ***
AKG E30 M3 Group N Polyurethane Engine & Trans Mount Set
SAMCO - Stainless 26 piece Coolant Hose Clamp Kit, E30 M3
SAMCO BMW E30 M3 Sport Hose Kit, (13 pcs ) – Black
BMW-TRMO-E30M3 Thermostat
E30 M3 Water Pump - Original BMW
BMW - E30 M3 Oil Pump, High Performance/ Evo 3 Version
S14 Oil Pump Upgrade Kit Installed
VAC E30 M3 Standard Stroker Kit
BMW OEM Sport Evolution 2.5L Crankshaft
-BMW OEM Bearings or VAC High Performance Race Bearings
-BMW OEM Crank Bolt, and Washer
-BMW OEM Head Bolts & Rod Bolts
-BMW OEM 2.5 Head Gasket
-BMW OEM Lower Gasket Set
-CP Pistons Forged Piston set with high quality Rings, Pins, & Locks
-VAC Tech Support
-VAC custom tuned Motronic ECU Software (on request)
S14 Torque Plate Kit, with 1.4" Spacers to simulate head thickness
VAC - ACS Style Carbon Fiber Aero Mirrors
VAC - E30 M3 (Sport Evolution size) Wing, Fiberglass body with Carbo Fiber Flap
BMW - E30 M3 Evo2 Front Air-dam
Hella Smoked Headlights with 8 piece OEM Connector Set/Installation Set
Suspension Techniques - Sway Bar Kit, E30 (all, not iX)
-22mm fixed front bar
-19mm adjustable rear
-Bushings, Hardware, Reinforcements for rear
VAC Roll Center Spacers, E30 M3 -3/4"
TCK Rear Shock Mount, Urethane 12mm, Pair
Semi-Trailing Arm Rear Camber or Toe Adjustment Kit, one pair only
(2 needed for camber + Toe)
Tree House Racing E36, E30 Eyeball Arms / Control Arm Bushings
Powerflex Rear Inner and Outer Trailing Arm Bushing Set
Powerflex - E30 Rear Subframe Bushing Set
S14 Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings, Set of 4
VAC - "Stage 2" S14 Performance Kit, Includes:
-Schrick camshafts (284in/276ex) A favorite all around cam setup.
-Matched VAC Motorsports Dual Valve Springs
-VAC Software for factory Bosch Motronic ECU (2.3L)
Ignition Wire Set for S14
VAC S14 Oil Pan Baffle
High Pressure Radiator Cap 24 lbs.
VAC E30M3 Brake Cooling Kit, Inlcudes ducts, backing plates, hoses, and clamps
KW Variant 2 Coil over kit, E30M3 with $200 core charge for stock spindles
Ground Control E30 Caster Camber Plates
-Precision machined aluminum hats
-Extra heavy duty upgraded vented rotors (at no cost)
-New Dynapro 4-Piston Wilwood calipers
-VAC Caliper brackets and fittings
-Stainless steel brake lines
-ARP hardware
-6 piston option available for 17" wheels or larger at +$200

Choice of: Performance Street, Heavy Duty Street, or Track pads (+$110)
VAC E30 M3 BBK, Rear:
Choice of radially mounted SL4R calipers (+$450) or lug mounted Superlite ( Backing plates must be trimmed for street use
-Emergency brake ring using stock mechanism is available for +$250
Choice of: Performance Street, Heavy Duty Street, or Track pads. (+$110)
BBS RGR 17x8 Forged Aluminum Wheel
BBS RGR 17x9 Forged Aluminum Wheel
BMW 26 12 1 225 071 Driveshaft Ball Bearing
BMW 33 10 7 505 602 Shaft seal with lock ring for differential
BMW 33 21 9 067 812 Repair kit, CV boots, Inside
BMW 33 21 9 067 815 Repair kit, CV boots, Outisde
BMW E34 M5 Drive Shaft Guibo, E30 M3 Upgrade
BMW 18 21 1 315 015 Middle Exhaust Hanger
BMW 07 11 9 900 052 Flat Washer for middle exhaust hanger
BMW 07 11 9 913 011 Hex Bolt for middle exhaust hanger
BMW 18 21 1 105 635 Rubber Ring rear exhaust hanger
BMW 18 20 1 310 509 Bow Rear Exhaust hanger
BMW 07 11 9 915 189 Hex bolt Rear exhaust hanger
BMW 18 30 1 737 774 Hex nut rear exhaust hanger
BMW 18 21 1 712 838 Rubber Ring Exhaust hanger
BMW 31 12 1 130 823 Front Left control arm, Al
BMW 31 12 1 130 824 Front Right control arm, Al
BMW 32 21 6 769 539 Self locking hex nut
BMW 31 11 1 114 348 Flat Washer for lollipops
BMW 31 11 1 137 888 Hex bolt for lollipops
BMW 07 12 9 906 196 Self locking hex nut, alternator bracket
BMW 12 31 1 312 137 Alternator Adjusting bar
BMW 12 31 7 677 914 Idler, Alternator bracket
BMW 12 31 1 276 516 Saucer head screw alternator
BMW 07 11 9 913 676 Hex bolt alternator
BMW 07 11 9 913 659 Hex bolt alternator
VHT Translucent Lens Tint
VAC S14 Carbon Fiber Intake Kit
-Carbon fiber Airbox
-Carbon fiber lower Snorkel
-Silicone Airbox-to-Snorkel Hose
-ATE Brake Fluid Reservoir
-Reservoir Hoses
-K&N Filter
-Laser cut Throttle relocation brackets
-Hose Clamps
-Required Hardware & Brackets
BMW 850 Brembo 4 Piston Caliper, bolts onto E30M3 Spindle
BMW E46 M3 CSL Brake Disc
-------DTM Airbox kit with Nearly Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management Option------
VAC - "Stage 3 Pro" S14 Performance Solution
>S14 Stage 3 Pro Kit Includes:
-VAC Carbon fiber DTM Airbox Kit for S14 (everything needed)
-KMS MA25 Premium Engine Control Unit (mil-spec aluminum, plastic on request)
-KMS Mx25 ECU Harness
-KMS In-car Lambda/ ECU readout display
-KMS Wide band O2-Sensor and controller
-KMS Air & Water Temp Sensors
-KMS Engine Harness
-KMS Distributor-less ignition unit
-VAC DIS-Coil Billet Mounting Kit
-VAC Crank trigger kit
-VAC TPS Adaptor Kit
-VAC S14 Idle Air Valve Delete
-VAC OE Distributor Block Off Plate
-VAC Intake Cam cover plate
-K&N Filter
---Your choice of base maps so you can install and go!
---The invaluable tech support and experience of VAC Motorsports
---Full warranty
Engine Rebuild Labor, S14 2.5 Stroker Conversion -Estimate- :
-Complete Disassembly & Inspection of all Components from an Assembled Engine.
-Clean, Check, Degrease, Steam Clean or Hot-tank all Components.
-Magnaflux/ Inspect all Ferrous Components.
-Bore & Hone with VAC torque plate.
-Resurface Block Deck and Cylinder Head.
-Balance Rotating Assembly.
-Prep Con Rods, Gap Rings & Install Pistons, Blueprint.
-Mic all Bearings and Machine as Necessary.
-Install Crank. Install & Degree Cams, Set Spring Seat Pressure, Time Engine
-Final assembly, Prime & Paint External Finish.
*specify block color*
(align bore may be needed on some engines, + $150)
VAC Stage 1 Performance Cylinder Head
Features the following:
-Complete Disassembly & Cleaning
-Comprehensive Leak, Crack & Pressure Test
-Inspect All Components For Irregular Wear
-Our High performance Multi Angle Valve Job using Serdi Equipment
-All New VAC Uprated Valve Guides
-Viton Valve Seals
-Reconditioning & Blueprinting of Your Valves
-Balancing of Your OE Springs
-Trueness Checked & Resurfaced Mating Surface
-Unshrouding of Valves
-Attention to Potential Hot-spot Areas and Chamfering
BMW Standard Engine Mount
BMW Standard Transmission Mount
Miller - AFM to MAF Conversion Kit (With 'WAR' User Programable ECU Chip)

Last weekend....
We cleaned the garage and decided to decorate a little!!!!!!

magnus 11-09-2010 03:09 PM

More to come once i come back from holidays.
Going to Brasil next tuesday for about a month!!!
BTW thats not me in the pics. Its my cousin!

Ceeker 11-09-2010 03:24 PM

well, I'm sure it's gonna look sweet once's a labour of love which can only justify the work you're into. :-) Sure got that cut out for you...pardon the pun.

it will be nice to see the finished shell.

davericher20 11-09-2010 04:30 PM

dayum, that's alot of work ahead of you. It'll all be worth it in the end. Can't wait to see it

Robb 11-09-2010 08:12 PM :D

seankim228 01-13-2011 01:38 AM

How is this project coming along?! can't wait to see it done !! best of luck

DR.ZED 01-13-2011 03:23 PM

What an awesome view out the side of the garage. Where do you live?

EDIT: Look at the size of that hotwater rad under the window!!

InfiniteDice 01-13-2011 04:01 PM

Holy man, I've dealt with rust like that before, it's a challenge, but you'll feel so accomplished once you're finished. Once you're done the welding, I can't recommend POR-15 enough, buy it, use it, and follow the directions explicitly, the repair will be tough as nails. You'll also want to seam seal everything.

Keep us informed this is a noble undertaking worthy of attention!

magnus 01-13-2011 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by DR.ZED (Post 1475176)
What an awesome view out the side of the garage. Where do you live?

EDIT: Look at the size of that hotwater rad under the window!!

Reykjavik - Iceland!*rockout*


Originally Posted by InfiniteDice (Post 1475186)
Holy man, I've dealt with rust like that before, it's a challenge, but you'll feel so accomplished once you're finished. Once you're done the welding, I can't recommend POR-15 enough, buy it, use it, and follow the directions explicitly, the repair will be tough as nails. You'll also want to seam seal everything.

Keep us informed this is a noble undertaking worthy of attention!

Well as we dont have such a vast experience in body repair we have gotten a pro to do it.
At the moment he is replacing the inner fenders/arches and installing the cabrio reinforcements at the strut mounts. We have ordered the roof skin from BMW (normal E30 as M3 is NLA but its the same. Just needs some holes drilled).
Basically he is replacing all panels with new original ones.
When he has finnished with this and resprayed we will move it to our garage and start the rebuild.
Yes the work is insane and the cost is quite extensive but we want to make this one of the best E30 M3 in the world.
Problem is that we need to do it slower than originaly thought (most likely be finnished in 2012) so that its done once and done properly!

Rob said money pit and it is indeed. But wait till we finnish and then see if it was worth it.
Next week i am hoping to start reinforcing the subrames and getting them sandblasted along with the other various driveline parts so i can paint them and reassemble! I will post pics when i can assuming i do start then (work is limiting my time at the moment)

Bullet Ride 01-13-2011 07:13 PM

mmm husaberg *th-up*

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