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nachos23 08-01-2010 01:54 PM

Carbon Fibre Wrapping Project v2.0
Some 11,000 of you (well maybe a few of you visited more than once :excited:) took the time to visit my previous Carbon Fibre Wrapping Project thread: or the one on Max

Well, this weekend I'm starting more challenging parts to wrap:

1. Centre Console
2. ECU Cover
3. Centre trim for e30 (for a friend)

Couldn't done the Centre Console and ECU cover (trust me, the CPU cover is version 2; version 1 was a disaster IMO :banghead:) without some changes to the materials I had used previously and some tricks learned along the way.


- West System 105 Epoxy Resin & 206 Slow Hardener FTW!!! :thumbsup:
- Dupont SelectClear 2K Clearcoat and Dupont SelectActivator 2K ;)

I've watched a ton of videos to expand my knowledge and improve my techniques (I WANT PERFECTION!!). Here are two recent videos that have had a significant impact to the way I'm preparing and applying resins and (will be finishing) clearcoats

West Systems Training Videos:

Dispensing & Mixing: (just to ensure I'm working their products properly) :read:

Applying Fabrics: Valuable Lesson here..... They use a plastic applicator to smooth out excess resin and it has made a HUGE improvement in the application (virtually no sanding its sooo level after it dries) :craig:

One major difference you need to do is apply the resin (using a small brush is fine) to the part to be wrapped BEFORE applying carbon fibre cloth!! The CF cloth MUST be "tacked" into place using the base resin before attempting to apply an initial top coat, or your weave will wander more than your bimmer with ****ed FCABs :rofl: I've taken the West System training video; combined with the video I initally used from Carbon Mods in the UK

Add some experience and experimenting (there's a couple of pieces that died a horrible death; used and abused for scientific purposes :excited: :4ngie:)

The 206 slow hardner several advantages over previous resins I've used:
- Longer pot time (the pot time is the amount of time it remains usable while in the mixing container; before being applied to part/cloth). This mixture has a pot time of 20 - 25 (my previous had a pot life of less than 5 min)
- Slow Hardening as the name implies. 90 - 110 min depending on temp

This allowed me time to carefully apply the cloth and work it into the corners, over edges, and secure it in place in those "trouble areas"... Think the results speak for themselves

Finishing Techniquea for Clearcoat:

Going to be applying this lesson to these parts and see how BEAUTIFUL they will be when done. :D

I've gotten to applying final coats of resin to the ECU cover and e30 trim. Going to me applying the final coat of resin to the centre console after posting this... :D

West sanding tonight.... :excited:

Here are some the pics so far:

After base coat ONLY (no top coat yet)

Second coat; not trimmed yet:

Second coat; trimmed but NOT sanded yet (notice the resin is virtually flat and has very few imperfections):


nachos23 08-01-2010 01:54 PM

Sanded and ready for final resin coat:

Now for the e30 Trim:

Base Coat and CF cloth; not trimmed:

2nd coat; NOT trimmed:

Test Fitting (trimmed; rough sanded):

Final Resin:

ECU Pics next posting:

nachos23 08-01-2010 01:55 PM

Carbon Fibre Wrapping Project v2.0 (cont'd).

Now some ECU pics.... If some of you saw my first post, the ECU cover was cleverly photo'd to miss several horrific (in my opinion) flaws and once this piece is done, the first is destined to become a test lab piece (no animals will be harmed during testing) :rofl:

The previous resin cured WAY TOO fast to be useful for anything but simple pieces (interior trim) because it's pot life was about 5 min and it's working life was around 10min. Reducing hardner helped only marginally as you could easily get to the point it would never completely harden. PITA!!!! :ben:

Love the West System products!!! :woot:

Here's the pictures as it progresses from stock to very cool....

BTW: The swirl of the weave next to the Lock and EMERG light is intensional. Wanted add a little weave (experimenting) and I like it..... Using one piece to cover console was the only way but created unique challenges: How to create dip for Emegency brake and where to place seam. One piece means there has to be a seam somewhere...... I put it back left corner....Tried to line-up weaves best I could.... In need of a little refining, but who gives a ****; I won't be looking @ it anyway.... and usually passangers in the rear seats are hanging on staring @ speedometer.... :excited:

About to apply final resin after posting (as I mentioned earlier), so that's where we're @ on it!!

Wet sanding tonight!! :excited: :thumbsup: and then Clear coat.....

Final buffing of Clearcoat tonight as per posted video in previous post...


Gonna be wrapping a complete set when the red fabric arrives next week. Think my interior CF set has just become 9 pieces!!!! :thumbsup:

nachos23 08-01-2010 02:08 PM

The Arsenol:

nachos23 08-01-2010 03:09 PM

Learned a real cool trick to align cloth while on roll. Take piece and lay on SMOOTH, non-porous surface. Take the leading edge and "square piece" as best as you can by eye.

Once you do that, take an exacto and cut a thread just inside the binding thread on one side. Get someone to hold other side and cut a couple of threads on what appears to be the same line as the cut on the other side. While your "assistant" is holding the opposing side, pull the single thread. It pull across the whole piece creating a blank where the missing thread is. Attach some painters tape to that straight edge and it will keep it straight and allow for even dispensing of the cloth from the roller. If you're starting with crooked threads, it makes it tough to make a good piece... This ensures the cloth is "straight" when dispensing..... Use a similar method around intended piece to keep cloth intact and it also allows you to correct bad threads (that trick you're gonna have to learn with practice)...

damameke 08-01-2010 08:38 PM


I can see the sign above your garage...

"Nachos23 Custom Carbon Fibre Shop"

Good job....

nachos23 08-01-2010 08:46 PM

Ya, something like that. :D

Any graphic designers out there, I could use some help with a logo (got some ideas) Maybe in return for some wrapping? *th-up*

nachos23 08-02-2010 03:39 PM

Quick Update. Parts clear coated and waiting to dry. My clear coat recommends 2 wet coats with 5-10 min between for flashing.

Here are a couple of pics.

I know the weave on the inside of the emergency brake is messed, but I know what I've got to do differently when I redo with the new red CF cloth next weekend hopefully, but it sounds like I'm going to have plenty to do next weekend, so we'll see. Rest of part has decent even weaves unless I deliverately pulled them together like top left where I wanted the sweeping look for that section. Next time going to have help when applying cloth to hold parts off part and to assist with placement... That'll fix the weave issue!!

Final Sanding with 1500 + 2000 and polishing compound tomorrow; then DONE!

doogee 08-02-2010 06:02 PM

You have a hardon for Carbon Fiber :P

Next step is to actually make Carbon Fiber parts. Then I'd be interested!

nachos23 08-02-2010 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by doogee (Post 1440862)
You have a hardon for Carbon Fiber :P

Next step is to actually make Carbon Fiber parts. Then I'd be interested!

Not really..... Had a hardon to change my woodgrain interior after starting to mod.... tried different trim, painting, a couple of different CF products (embedded and vinyl :puke:) before almost reluctantly realizing I had to go to real CF.... *rockout* if I was to be happy.... But's been 30 yrs (longer than many members have graced this planet earth) since I last wrapped in fibreglass, so I basically had to teach myself from scratch.....

Now I've gotten to the point I want to wrap stuff that normally isn't found commercially wrapped (uniqueness) and that far more complex than the usual. Make take 1 or 2 tries to get it right and thanks to my parters/supporters I get a chance to make mistakes.....

I'm really trying to perfect the art of wrapping (its so funny remembering the early sets as I experiemented and learned... still learning; always learning).... Wife likes it too; always knows where to find me..... :facepalm: In the garage wrapping. My RC Heli hobby has pretty much died (too bad cause it's a BLAST). gonna have to find time for it....

First time attempting something as complex as the centre consoles. My first attempt @ the ECU cover did not work as well as I'd hoped (but as well as expected considering the resin and clearcoat I was using @ the time). The resin set too quickly to do anything but simple parts. West System products are great and allow me the working time (90 - 110 minutes) to wrap more involved parts.

Here are some final pictures of the centre console and ECU cover now that the clear coat has dried and ready for installation. What appear to be imprefections on surface are reflections (no matter what angle I tried, there were reflections; guess it must be smooth )

As I said previously interior weave by e-brake is messed up in a funky (kinda like the randomness way), but I know what to do when I do a new centre console in the red/black kevlar and CF cloth that will be arriving this week. Going to wrap a complete interior set including centre console for my car..... guess I'm gonna have to find a home for my current set...... :thanks:

Going to give them tonight to fully harden and install tomorrow. :str8pimpi

CF Moulded parts??? They're next on the agenda. Need a vacuum bagging system first, then I can create moulds.... Maybe a NACHOSRacing Lip for e46 sedans??? *rockout* :D :cool: This way I'll get one that FITS PROPERLY!!

Sickbimmer 08-03-2010 06:05 AM

I'll be contacting you about the center console. Great job BTW.


nachos23 08-03-2010 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Sickbimmer (Post 1440983)
I'll be contacting you about the center console. Great job BTW.


Thx!! It's a PITA to wrap.... I used a single piece of cloth to wrap to maintain weave.....

Got the centre console installed last night. Had to wait till today to take pictures. Here they are:

Cloth arrived today (of course I was @ meeting so I missed delivery; picking up tomorrow)!! Can't wait to wrap set in red/black kevlar/cF cloth. Should add some nice contrast to interior. *rockout* *th-up*

canuckder 08-03-2010 04:01 PM

so clean,

did you ever take pictures of what it looked like vinyled?

nachos23 08-03-2010 04:21 PM

never made it onto the car, in fact barely made it off roll. Test wrapped one small piece, hated it and returned rolls for refund!

Posted the original embedded CF in the polymer with 3M tape (which required massive heating to bend around even simple corners.... but it too didn't look "real" you could tell it was "stuck on". That's what lead to the move to CF cloth....

canuckder 08-03-2010 05:04 PM

Was it the 3M Di-Noc vinyl?

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