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bmdbley'sBro 06-23-2010 08:08 PM

Cops blocks stroke patient's ER entry and assault husband! 'ran' 2lights going there
the husband was of course charged with assault for being assaulted by the cop!

cop wanted to arrest asap but hospital staff had to tell him to calm down, husband was needed.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - He was rushing his wife to Erlanger last More..week, and treated the red lights as stop signs. And when he didn't pull over for a police officer, the firestorm began.

The Police Chief and District Attorney both agreed, Jesse Wright's need to get his wife to the hospital outweighed the laws he broke.

He and his wife tell Eyewitness News they hope this never happens again.

Jesse Wright says Chattanooga's Police Chief was the one to deliver the news that the charges against him were dropped.

"He offered his apology on behalf of the police department, even though he was not involved himself. He felt as though that was appropriate and I appreciated that from him," says Wright.

The apology comes one week after Jesse's arrest.


misschigga 06-23-2010 08:49 PM

When he saw the blue light in his rear he assumed he had an escort LOL Anyways i understand both point of views. If my kids or my loved one needs urgent care I will too do whatever it takes to get them there the quickest. Though in cases of a stroke please call an ambulance. Ambulances are well equipped and can give you the right care on the spot. ER's are full it takes an hour to just go thru triage alone because there are people filling up the waiting room that want treatment for a blister. I can also understand the cop if you drive like a headless chicken running red lights and take out 3 other lives because you want to save 1 then Yes it doesn't make sense. I think overall both parties could have handled it with a little more sense and understanding. The best thing, no one got hurt, the wife seems pretty ok

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