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Blades 06-18-2010 09:59 AM

BP and Karma .. good read

small taste ..

BP chief executive Tony Hayward (in a stiff British accent): "Members of congress, I come here not to apologize but to express my irritation at being here in the first place. BP is a foreign company, and we operated Deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico as an offshore facility regulated as a ship (not a drilling well) under US law. Everything we did was acceptable under US law. We cut corners and costs, in order to produce the oil demanded by your people. Our suppliers such as Halliburton and Transocean are American companies so this is all your fault really. You bought our oil for all this time, and made our shareholders rich, so thank you for that.

Accidents happen, and I am afraid you will have to live with the consequences of this one. Look at the positive side of things. If no oil had leaked, we would have simply sold all of it to your SUV

drivers and the resulting carbon dioxide - or C02 - emissions would have polluted the whole world. Instead, all that leaking oil only pollutes the waters off the southern USA, a relatively small part of the world.

If you don’t like my answer, I have one word for you: Bhopal."

daytona 06-18-2010 11:01 AM

20 Billion dollars is nothing compared to the long term damage he done to the environment and the lively hood of those who depend on the ocean.Blaming consumer demand for the accident only paints him as being a a hole in a $5000 suit.There is workers that are now willing to testify that BP cut corners to save money.

328IScreamer 06-18-2010 11:37 AM

is that resposne real?
I can't even believe he could go on record with something like that!

328IScreamer 06-18-2010 11:38 AM

nvm I just read further down

propr'one 06-18-2010 02:41 PM

What he said is more or less true.

The liability is in BP's hands, not his personally.

I doubt anyone at BP will be found criminally negligent (for the simple reason that the decisions were made on the ground, and the risks were on the ground, and the people making the decisions were as qualified as anyone to make them, even if they were wrong).

Dude will be out of a job soon forsure, but he's not going to resign. (its called a severance package.)

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