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Randy 03-26-2010 08:52 PM

wire gauge help
AWG- american wire gauge.

can anyone help me out with this? I need to know the thickness of the signal wires that go into the stock bmw amp from the deck.

if you can please tell me the gauge (AWG) thats written on the wire


tell me the thickness of the bare copper wire (without insulation).. preferably with a vernier caliper - as im looking for a measurement in millimeters with at least 2 decimal places.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help.

I'd do this myself but I don't have my car right now.

Randy 03-27-2010 09:26 PM


I need to know the AWG of the wires that go from the stock amp to the speakers.

bigfeller 03-29-2010 08:30 AM

All of the wiring in BMWs is excellent quality twisted pair copper. The wires from the amp to the speakers vary in gauge dependent upon where they terminate. The mids and tweets in the door and rear deck run on 18 AWG wire, and the woofers in the kickpanels and rear deck run on 16 AWG wire.

Unless you're running in excess of 100W RMS constantly on all channels (not likely) the stock wiring is more than sufficient for most systems.

Two things you should be aware of, in case you didn't already know. 1) BMWs that don't use fibre optic connections from the head unit to the amp, use balanced differential outputs (again through twisted pairs). 2) The reason for the BDOs and twisted pairs is because most BMWs are very noisey electrically- probably because the battery is in the trunk, and they have fairly complex electrical systems.

Randy 03-29-2010 09:28 AM

thanks so much for replying. I was really waiting for this info. sounds like 8 wires of 18AWG, and 8 of 16AWG (i won't be using my mids). My car doesn't use optics, so I'll keep in mind the info about electrical noise. I'm running about 30RMS/channel, but never turn the volume up that loud anyway - so i wont be replacing my wires. Thanks again.

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