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abc12 03-18-2010 09:36 PM

car insurance...
hi guys, just wondering who you guys are with, or who knows which companies offer cheap rates.

currently i'm with President choice financial, been with them for 4 or 5 years. cheapest insurance was with them when I got my car, paying less than $100.00, can't complain there. @ that time the insurance slip says "S & Y insurance corp." or sumthing like that, so i know there associated with another company. No big deal. Last year insurance went up about $10.00 a month, I never bothered calling about that since others got the same thing as well.

For this year, I know everyone's insurance is suppose to go up, I forget how much though, shouldn't be too much right???. But any ways, this year my president choice insurance is now associated with "Aviva Pilot", a different company giving me a monthly insurance of $143.00 a month, so $40.00 extra which adds up in a year.

my record is good, have had tickets in the past, but got them all dropped, except for one for running a red light, took it to court, paid and took no points i think. so don't know if i'm slightly over-reacting, but would like to explore my options in another company. If someone knows exactly how much everyone's insurance is suppose to increase, that'll be great, give me an idea of what to expect.


hockeyfan27 03-18-2010 11:40 PM

Many banks that offer insurance aren't actually in the insurance business, so to speak, they are more of a sales agent. PC financial previously offered their insurance products through Scottish and York Insurance Comapny. (when this is the arrangement it is disclosed by saying "underwritten by......" PC's new arrangement is with a few companies now. One of which is Aviva, who bough Pilot (or maybe it was vice versa, I can't recall). hence Aviva-Pilot.

Rates are all over the map this year. Check out this thread which lists what companies increased their rates in 2009, and by how much.

I'll be posting another list for 2010 once all the Q1 numbers are out.

slemmer 03-19-2010 12:24 AM

I'be been with S&Y for the past 20 years and wherever I tried to get comparable rates everyone else was way higher. Even PC quoted from S&Y and it was higher! They did say they've been "gently" increasing my rates gradually instead of one large increase. Not impressed but what are you going to do if you must drive? Much like death and taxes.

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