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windsor318is 01-15-2010 01:58 PM

raceland coilovers??
just curious if anyone has installed raceland coilovers on there e36 and if they are happy with them. i saw them on ebay, the shocks are not adjustable but the height front and back is. they are half the price of other generic coilover kits like the bavauto ones, but look to be the same product.
thanks al

richie_s999 01-15-2010 02:18 PM

do you have a link for them wouldn't mind seeing them

e30_kid89 01-15-2010 02:20 PM

My buddy ordered them for his e36, but won't be installed till spring. I'll have some feedback for those interested then.

Mystikal 01-15-2010 06:44 PM

Search on bf.c, massive threads over there. Guys are even gutting them and putting Konis inside for better quality dampening + adjustability.

windsor318is 01-15-2010 07:20 PM

huh, so i have options if i dont like the feel, for 240 bucks shipped i cant really go wrong.. thanks jay, ill have a look on bf.c

Tnd-_-b 03-05-2010 04:57 PM

Does that apply to the e46 raceland coilover kit also.

Nguyen_E30 03-05-2010 05:04 PM

the coilovers can be found here.

Tnd-_-b 03-05-2010 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Mystikal (Post 1382071)
Search on bf.c, massive threads over there. Guys are even gutting them and putting Konis inside for better quality dampening + adjustability.

i know i am buying a set today, i was only curious to know if i would alos be able to put Konis or another brand inside for better quality dampening + adjustability like jay said. if so it would be a huge plus for my self also.

JazzM 03-05-2010 06:05 PM

Basically you get what you pay for. I'd advise against it and suggest to get a set of koni/bilstein shocks and lowering springs (e.g. vogtland, h&r sport, etc...) instead. You'll get much better handling characteristics and with the konis you can get reboud adjustability.

Spec e36 cars use the koni/vogtland combo on the track. its a great setup. FYI, vogtland springs are made from VVS. They also make the springs for TC Kline and their coil-over setups.


bimmass 03-06-2010 12:56 AM

I'd get megan-racing coilovers for around 1000-1200. Damping adjustable and decent quality (tried & tested by the 240sx)

mhamouda 03-06-2010 09:54 PM

this is a similar thread thats posted by another member recently.
not very positive reviews on them..

Sharino 03-10-2010 01:36 PM

Did anybody try the headers offered by Raceland for E36s?

e30blue 03-10-2010 04:08 PM

take it from somebody who ACTUALLY OWNS a set of racelands, there a good bang for buck.

and well worth the money, i have yet to read about somebody who bought a set of racelands and was very upset with them, through build quality, reliability all that jazz.

and EVERYBODY who flames on them doesnt even own them.. its like saying E90's suck even though ive never driven one.

Tnd-_-b 03-10-2010 04:57 PM

LoL i agree, I will be installing mine as soon as the come in on monday looking forward to trrying them out. i few people say the ride not that smooth. is this true? well any way ill see when i get them.

mkgino 03-10-2010 09:52 PM

I have been doing a lot of research on these coilovers trying to determine if they are good and wondering how they can possibly only be $280. I have been seriously considering putting these on my car.

I have read pretty much everything on BF.C and have considered both sides of the story. On one side, the arguments are that for something that costs $280, while the nearest competition charges $1000 + they cant possibly be of the same quality. But these people haven't tested them so they cant say so from experience.

On the other side, people who have installed them say that the ride isn't bad and that it's actually pretty good considering they are only $280. They ride better than their stock suspension with XXX XXX mielage at the time it was swapped out. Another plus is that apparently the VW crowd has been using them for a long time, and there are no major failures associated with them.

So it is an option. There are many people who have an E36 worth $4000, and dont want to spend $1500-2000 or half the cost of their car on suspension. They only want to use these on their daily driver and be a bit lower, with the option to adjust the height if they ever want to. A lot of these people dont track their cars, or drive agressively to work every day. So the difference in performance between RL and Bilstein or H&R is not of any consequence.

With all that being said...I found this today lol. But this could be an isolated incident.

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