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Hibbing 01-03-2010 01:25 PM

Marantz AV8003 Networking AV Preamp/Processor
Mint condition with box, manual and all accessories. Absolutely great sounding and has rave reviews everywhere.


Absolute Sound:

Returning to the Marantz on the same test material, I got basically the same result with it as I did with the mbl, which is remarkable considering the price disparity between the products. Again, the differences were essentially inaudible, to me at least. My colleagues at Playback and The Absolute Sound have sometimes heard things that I didnít notice immediately (and vice versa), so I wouldnít take it to the bank that this $2600 A/V controller is basically the equal of a more or less handmade $24,000 preamp from Germany. But I would say for many of us that it is so darn close on the kind of material I used that the differences are meaningless (the paragraphs above should issue a further cautionary note about the importance of specific test material). And almost no one would view the value issue as debatable.

BOTTOM LINE, Marantz AV8003:

Viewed simply as a preamp this controller is close to state-of-the-art; considering that you also get a full multi-channel decoder and Audyssey processor it is almost ideal for a mixed music and theater system.

As you would expect from a Marantz pre/pro/tuner, the AV8003 handles all the latest audio sources, even Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio, for the best no-compromise sound from todayís advanced media. Connections abound for both contemporary and heritage sources, too, so youíll have no trouble connecting even tape or CD recorders. Audysseyís MultEQ automatically creates a surround soundfield thatís best matched to your main listening/viewing room.

Worried about the sound quality of compressed audio formats like MP3 or WMA? Or maybe concerned that you wonít enjoy FM or AM as much as you used to because they just donít hold up to Blu-rayís high def audio tracks? Relax and enjoy! M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio Expander) recreates the missing high frequency spectrum so well that you might mistake even a low bit rate MP3 file for a CD!

The AV8003 gives you extensive radio capabilities too. In addition to tuners for FM, AM, and HD Radio terrestrial broadcasts, itís also XM and Sirius satellite radio-ready! Just add an XM Mini-Tuner and dock or a Sirius Connect home tuner kit and youíre ready to go. Of course, youíll need a subscription to enjoy these broadcasts but having easy connectivity is the major step. And the AV8003 has done that for you already.

Just to reinforce the AV8003ís audio capability, itís earned a THX Ultra 2 certificate! So you can rest assured that this pre/pro/tuner is at the top of the performance scale.

Four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs (all adhering to the newest version 1.3 specs) complement composite, S-, and component capability. The AV8003 supports Deep Color and xvYCC Color Space for even better video performance when these technologies finally make an appearance.

Speaking of video, the AV8003 incorporates the latest processing and scaling (up to 1080p) capability from Anchor Bay Technologies. So the video image youíll see with be mountain-air clear.

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