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drivetolive 09-23-2009 02:54 PM

Chrome Amber Bulbs
Bought these but figured out i didn't need them, lol just got them yesterday, ordered from Khoalty. They are listed at $14 a pair on Khoalty. I have:

2 7507 - $10
2 194 - $10
2 1156 - $10

They're extra long life and bright bulbs. Takes away the egg-yolk effect when switching to clears. Local buyers only please. They are basically brand new, i just opened each of the packets to see if they worked and to test them out.

e30drifter 09-23-2009 04:25 PM

the 1156, is that the duel filament or single. I need a duel

drivetolive 09-25-2009 03:16 PM



drivetolive 09-28-2009 12:53 PM

Still for sale

Dysantic 09-28-2009 01:11 PM

Any of these work on a 97 328i sedan for the corner lights? I know nothing about all these numbers signifying these bulbs, lol. If any of them is, you found a buyer.

drivetolive 09-28-2009 01:20 PM

Did some research, i believe they will fit but don't take my word for it. It says your from Missiauga...i'm located in Vaughan. I'm close to the 427 exit by highway 7/27. If your willing to make the drive down we can see if they fit.

BeepBeepE46 09-30-2009 10:25 AM

Thanks for the bulbs, worked perfectly.

drivetolive 10-01-2009 05:42 PM

Glad everything worked out.

Rest of the bulbs are sold for now, if the buyer backs out i'll let those who are interested know.

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