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FuryriderX 09-19-2009 02:19 PM

My '88 325iX Turbo FS

- 30% tint all around, 70% windshield. Professionally applied, still looks great.
- Fiberglass MTech2 rear lower valence
- OEM iS lip (bought and installed a few weeks ago)
- Euro Bosch smileys w/city lights and 5500k 55w HID's (propr'one) in the lowbeams
- BMWLIGHT lenses on OEM fog housings, with 3000k 35w HID's (propr'one)
- Eyebrow front grill add-ons
- Short whip antenna
- Replica Hartge trunk spoiler
- New windshield when i bought the car (year and a half ago)
- New fuel tank (6mo ago)
- Lightly smoked taillights and sidemarkers

- ESM BBS RS replicas, 16x7.5, ET25. No curb rash whatsoever, still perfect.
- Falken RT615 tires, 205/40/16. Just purchased 3mo ago, 95% tread.
- Winter tires on steelies, i have 3 wheel covers too.

- Black leather iS sport seats, all in excellent shape. Seat heaters work on the back, but the ass heat doesn't work. Rear headrests too, and ski pass-through/armrest
- Black headliner + rear shelf
- MTech2 370mm (smaller/rarer) steering wheel - missing the leather wrap, but still feels awesome.
- Auto meter boost and oil pressure gauges (mechanical)
- Power everything, all functional
- A/C blows cold! Converted to r134.
- Maplight mirror
- Cannon direct fit rubber floor mats (4)
- Uncracked dash

- 320000kms
- Stock internals, Grade 12.9 non stretch head bolts, torqued to 65 ft-lbs
- 55lb Siemens/Deka low impedance injectors, bought new 6mo ago
- Ebay tubular exhaust manifold, fully heat-wrapped
- Garrett GT3076R ball bearing turbo, polished .63AR compressor, ceramic coated .82AR exhaust housing
- 2.75" charge piping, 21"x6"x2.5" intercooler
- GReddy Type-RS BOV (not a knockoff)
- Turbonetics Racegate 38mm wastegate
- Oil filter relocated to behind passenger foglight, uses standard e30 filters
- Hallman manual boost controller, in cabin
- Power steering is still installed, but i cut the belt off because it was leaking.
- Alternator replaced last month

- Full 3" mandrel bent system, flex pipe in downpipe
- Punched cat (blew it up with launch control, oops)
- Vibrant SS resonator
- Magnaflow single in-dual out muffler
- Stainless 3" tips
- Fairly quiet and subdued, no drone on highway - but rips when you get on it.

- Megasquirt 2v3 mainboard, Goathumper adapter board, native USB converted - everything fits inside stock ECU box, 99% plug and play
- 4 bar MAP sensor (good to 30+ psi)
- Innovate LC-1 wideband o2 sensor
- GM IAT sensor tapped into charge piping
- Vauxhall wasted spark coil pack (uses stock plugs and wires)
- Launch control/2step revlimit wired up and fully functional
- Tach fully functional
- Tuned to 15psi, normally run at 10psi, almost been a year now.
- 91 or higher octane please!
- Starts and idles as stock, even in cold temperatures
- USB cable run into pocket above ashtray, for easy tuning

- H&R iX lowering springs
- Shocks are all Bilstein, put in about 8months ago, with the exception of left front, which is a Koni (long story). 2 replacement Bilstein HD shocks will be included with the car. The Koni is almost shot.
- Stock sway bars
- Powerflex front CAB's (Urethane)
- IE Aluminum/urethane rear shock mounts with z3 reinforcement plates

- Headunit is not included, i'm rather attached to it and am keeping it.
- Yamaha oldschool 4channel amp for mids
- Clarion 1500w sub amp
- Stock front mids, Clarion tweeters
- Alpine oldschool 6x9's in rear deck
- 2 Pioneer 10" subs in sealed boxes
- Power Acoustik capacitor

- All of the above. Many people can vouch for this car. I really did put a lot of work into it.
- Engine does not burn oil.
- Working A/C!
- Turbo? Dont have to say much more about that...
- Good management, well tuned.
- Front fenders were replaced, they're solid.

- As befits a Canadian car, the shell really isnt in the best shape. All 4 floor sections need work, one rather severely. Rust was fixed on the bottom of all 4 doors, but its starting to show a bit again. There are a few bubbles above the license plate lights. No rust on the sunroof though, what a shocker.
- Rear upper spring perches gave out on me a few months ago, i ground out all the rust and welded giant plates in - it will NEVER break there again. Had the added benefit of giving the car a bit of rake.
This was done on both sides to make sure it didnt happen again!
- There is an oil leak somewhere very high up on the engine - probably valve cover gasket, or front cam seal.
- Boost is creeping from 10-15psi near redline. I took apart the wastegate because i thought it was stuck, perhaps the seal was slightly damaged when i put it back. Its never crept before. Likely a new actuator seal will fix this.

Extra Parts: - Please note they are not included in the price, but are negotiable to be included.
- 3.91 front diff $50
- 4.10 diff set $150
- Manual t-case (pretty sure the VC is still good) $200
- PBR Ultimate brake pads (brand new still in wrapping)
- 2 replacement outer CV boots
- Conti timing belt kit and Graf waterpump
- Conti V-belts
- Complete shifter rebuild kit with Z3 1.9 lever and new OEM selector rod
- Mahle and Mann oil filters
- Set of NGK BPR7ES spark plugs
- All intake manifold gaskets
- Victor Reinz headgasket and valve cover gasket
- Rear main seal (springless, new design)
- Random other gaskets and seals
- ^^ all of that for $400
- Other stuff i'm sure i'm forgetting, extra brake calipers, master cylinder, bulbs/fuses/switches, etc etc

Extra Turbo/Performance parts - Please note they are not included in the price, but are negotiable to be included.
- New OEM double valve springs
- New set of Febi rockers (no eccentrics)
- PPF Z45 replica (ground by IE) turbo cam (used by the swedes in all of their high HP builds) - 280* duration, 108* lobe separation, 11.2mm lift
- ^^ all for $500


I'm asking $5500 for the car. AS IS. The driveline is solid, but i just dont have the time and money to put into it anymore. To safety it you'll have to fix the floor, but i dont think there'll be anything else. It wont pass an e-test, not without a cat.

PM me, email furyriderx AT, or call me (Greg) at 905 979 3608. Located in Stoney Creek.

Build Threads:

Picture Thread: (the iS lip was not installed for these)

YouTube vids of the car: (launch control, rain, exhaust)


E30 Kid 09-19-2009 10:50 PM

i want it!

E30 Kid 09-19-2009 10:50 PM

do you want a 96 chevy s10?

FuryriderX 09-20-2009 09:09 AM

I'll consider trades, but only for a 4door car. 2000-2003 VW Golf TDI is preferable, but let me know what you got!

propr'one 09-20-2009 03:04 PM

bump for a sweet, sweet iX.

E30 Kid 09-20-2009 07:33 PM

i also have a 4 door 5 spd 1992 mazda 323 GT!

bmwm5lover 09-20-2009 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by E30 Kid (Post 1347161)
i also have a 4 door 5 spd 1992 mazda 323 GT!

Curious to see pics. That would make a HECK of a rally car.

Euro_E30 09-20-2009 11:11 PM

Sweet car! what kind of power did it make?

supernaught 09-21-2009 08:36 AM

Dude! WTF?

FuryriderX 09-21-2009 09:01 AM

I know, i know.

A typical m20 on 10ish psi makes 300hp/300lb-ft. With the drivetrain losses that puts about 240whp.

I guess some engine pics cant hurt either eh?

richie_s999 09-21-2009 10:08 AM

the 4.10 diff, is it a small case LSD????

supernaught 09-21-2009 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by richie_s999 (Post 1347291)
the 4.10 diff, is it a small case LSD????


Fel 09-21-2009 01:25 PM

What. The. ****!

Why are all the sweet e30s going up for sale? :(

FuryriderX 09-28-2009 02:57 PM

Bump for new pics and new price.

$5000 as it sits, $4200 without wheels (steelies will be provided)

Car also no longer has HID's in the foglights.

FuryriderX 10-01-2009 12:01 AM


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