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doogee 09-17-2009 09:40 PM

Rim rubbing on PSS Spring
So I just installed some PSS coilovers but my rim is rubbing on the spring.

It's a popular problem and looks like I need some spacers. Anyone experience this or know what size spacer to go with?

Boss17 09-17-2009 10:21 PM

I have PSS coilovers and my LTW's aren't rubbing at all

dbworld4k 09-17-2009 10:28 PM

5mm should do the trick. What are your wheel width/offset and tire sizes?

doogee 09-17-2009 10:42 PM

Kosei K1's. Offset is 40. Running 235/45/17's. The rims are 17X8.5

I have M3 strut mounts as well as spindles for added camber which doesn't help.

dbworld4k 09-17-2009 10:55 PM

Anything 5-10mm will do the trick.

doogee 09-17-2009 10:56 PM

Awesome, thanks guys. Any idea where I could get some quick? I take it I should go with Hubcentric, but I don't have time to order them online. Might as well do a stud conversion while I'm at it.

I was thinking JRP?

sexybmr 09-17-2009 11:45 PM

I had a similar issue with my CO but all I had to do is rotate the very expensive tire later.

INFAMOU$ 09-17-2009 11:46 PM

Or better yet.. just rip out the helper spring.. That's what i did.. but i want to go that much lower that i still need a spacer :S.. lol

doogee 09-17-2009 11:51 PM

Yeah I took the helper spring out, helped a little, but not enough.

BMXWill 09-18-2009 07:32 PM

Too bad I have to be away during all of this. We could have just tossed my 10mm ones on.

doogee 09-19-2009 03:48 AM

Ended up putting a 12mm on the front and some 5mm's on the rear. Worked perfectly.

INFAMOU$ 09-19-2009 08:23 AM

How low did you get it? Pics..

doogee 09-19-2009 08:31 PM

Best pic i could get for now.

BMXWill 09-19-2009 08:47 PM

Looking good! Im going to have to drop my front a tad more when i get back. How does yours handle? A lot stiffer than mine?

doogee 09-19-2009 08:48 PM

Yeah its actually rock hard but still comfortable. I thought they were going to be on the soft side. I'll take you for a spin when you're back.

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