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HuD 91gt 09-09-2009 03:26 PM

Removing Rear Springs
1992 BMW 325i

I am trying to adjust my rear Bilstein PSS Coil Overs to a higher ride height. From my research(and from what I can see) it looks like you need to remove the rear coils to adjust the collars because the spring perch is in the way. I jacked up the car, unbolted the lower shock mount and now it looks like the axle is what is preventing the suspension from lowering (It says this in the Bentley manual as well). How do I go about removing the rear axle? There is very little light in my underground parking, it seems like the bolts are some sort of star nut? Am I imagining things? When I unbolt the axle(If I can find the right tool) does it just disconnect, no messing around with diff fluid etc?


Bimmer Heaven 09-09-2009 03:29 PM

You DO NOT need to remove the axle in any way!!! What keeps the wheel up right now is the sway bar, so you need to jack both sides of the car, OR unbolt the sway bar, you would get a few more inches of clearance*th-up*

HuD 91gt 09-09-2009 03:56 PM

I thought it may be the sway bar. I had both sides up (The car is back on the ground now GRR), and I even attempted to remove the sway bar but got a little lazy :P I saw a video on bimmerforums with a guy putting some pressure with his foot on the brake disc and just yanking the spring out, but that seems almost dangerous, not to mention im sure it is trouble getting the spring back in. There is not really any play with the spring right now, I am able to spin the spring with some muscle, but to remove it, it seems i'll need a few more inches.

Doing this while not removing the axle won't damage anything? What is the best way to remove the sway bar? I undid the bolt that connects to the control arm(Trailing arm????) but that didn't seem to do anything to help me out :p

Bimmer Heaven 09-09-2009 04:04 PM

Just jack both sides! If you just remove one side sway bar link, it will be pretty hard to but it back on, as you need to force the suspention back up! *th-up*

HuD 91gt 09-09-2009 04:17 PM

I had both sides up, but I still wasn't getting enough clearence. What is the best way to remove the sway bar? Thanks a ton for your help.

Bimmer Heaven 09-09-2009 04:21 PM

The safest way is to remove from the where it mounts to the body (top) because the aluminum mounts (at control arm) are very fragile and can brake when you try to take them off...

R.S.C 09-09-2009 05:21 PM

Hmmm, pretty much what Phil said... It fairly easy to remove the spring. I've done it a number of times but simply jacking up the rear end and un-bolting the the shocks and simply use a crow bar for leverage to get the spring out. The spring has never come "shooting" out to be dangerous.

But I guess you can do what Eurostyle suggested but it so much more work.

HuD 91gt 09-10-2009 12:07 PM

Wow, what a pain that was. 2 hours later I managed to adjust all 4 corners.

I managed to get the springs out without much effort. Step on the disc and pull the spring. After adjusting the collars up (Higher ride height) the effective length of the coil increased meaning it is going to be that much harder to get them back in. I attempted to remove the sway bar. One bolt was not accessible due to the exhaust getting in the way, and I sure as hell arn't tackling those rusty bolts. So I just undid one of the body attach points for the sway.

This didn't give me any leeway on the left rear corner. I ended up having to stick a small jack against the upper control arm and a point near the shock mounts and slowly "jacked" it open until the spring popped in. Thanks god side one was in.

Now to tackle the other side. After a good reef, I got the spring out, made the quick adjustments to the collars and to my disbelief they actually popped in without a hitch. I am assuming because the opposite main sway bar attachment was still disconnected. I did the front wheels shortly after which are a hell of alot easier to adjust.

The Bimmer is ready for winter! I sprayed some chain wax (From my Motorcycle) over the collars, I hope to take it apart again shortly and will smear some water proof grease over the collars. I hear road salt makes adjustable coilovers non adjustable. I guess we'll see.

Thanks a ton for the help guys. I would have given up, and become a snow plow all winter if it weren't for your suggestions!

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