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Brent 08-28-2009 08:55 PM

E30-What's it worth?
Hi Guys,

Ok, here's a funny one. A customer of mine has a 1989 325 4 door automatic. The body has some rust, around the wheel wells, on the sunroof, etc. It hasn't been driven in years, so here's the funny part-the engine has about 60, 000 km on it. That's not a typo, if it were newer it would still be under warranty lol!

Now I'm thinking that years of this thing just sitting there (it currently isn't running, although the battery is probably long gone, so I can't tell for sure), means that this car might just fall apart. What do you guys think?

He is thinking of selling, I told him I get some estimates on the price he should look for, any ideas?

I know that everyone will want to see pics, but for starters I'm looking for opinions like "if it has that few km's I wouldn't touch it, it sounds rotten" or "that engine is almost new, I'd buy it for $5000".

Thanks for you advice as always!


dexspeed 08-29-2009 01:09 AM

pictures would definitely help. a low km engine is good and great, but if it is already starting to rot bodywise i cant see this car being anywhere near 5k.

325isStephen 08-29-2009 08:52 AM

In alot of cases a high km motor that has been maintained is alot better then a low km motor that has sat. This is not always true, but going by the fact that the body is rotted, I wouldn't touch it.

Also, thats around the km's where alot of work will need to be done.
Such as:

- Timing belt as its likely original and I wouldnt trust rubber after 20 years.
- brakes, from sitting and having 60k on them
- More the likely brake and fuel lines which will be needed for safety

On the plus the interior is likely flawless, and if its a sport interior that would be quite desirable.

Personally I wouldn't pay more then 1000-1500 for a rotted body, especially if it is a base model. Enthusiast wise it's not to great of a car considering its an auto 4 door. Most people want 2 dr 5 spds.

You may find someone willing to pay more, but I don't think its worth more then that.

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