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Betray 03-11-2003 02:44 AM

You horny god damn pigs! haha
stop goggleing about the girl at the meet... u guys make it seem like u never see hot girls!!

btw now trading nakid pics of her for a e36m3..

will nagotiate..

SickFinga 03-11-2003 02:50 AM

Edwin, how come I still don't have nekkid picture of her???:D :D

Betray 03-11-2003 02:51 AM

when did u offer me your m3?

SickFinga 03-11-2003 02:52 AM

damn, I'll better offer M3 to her, for more and better exclusive content.

Betray 03-11-2003 02:57 AM

no im her maneger

bimmermafia 03-11-2003 02:58 AM

do u have a pic of this girl these guys are going crazy for

Betray 03-11-2003 03:00 AM

yes are you offering me your car? haha jk
brian u got a pic of her

Jon@Bimmersport 03-11-2003 03:03 AM


Originally posted by Betray
yes are you offering me your car? haha jk
brian u got a pic of her

whos brian?

ill trade a shower pic of her to anyone who lets me try their 5spd E36 or E46!!!!!!!! :madnoel:

SickFinga 03-11-2003 03:04 AM

Jon, your best friend, Brian.

Betray 03-11-2003 03:05 AM

e46_lover i bet her punching u wont be comfy plus u got mine to worry about

mkgino 03-11-2003 03:09 AM

Guys, since I wasnt at the winter rally, what girls are u talking about?? I would like to see some pics :)

bimmermafia 03-11-2003 03:10 AM

thats what im talking about gino

SickFinga 03-11-2003 03:13 AM

Edwin, are you gonna post them or not?

Betray 03-11-2003 03:15 AM

ask brian she posed on his car

mkgino 03-11-2003 03:18 AM

can someone stop pussying around and post the pics?? Damn! Just post them, she is never gonna know!!!*th-up*

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