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BigDToronto 06-04-2009 09:56 PM

How to Reset alarm and prgram key for E34 540??
So here is the problem...
A few weeks back some file fellow thought he would have some fun with me and picked up my keys from the counter when I was buying gas. I'm out to my car, turn around and pass him going out as I'm going back in. He knows he has my keys (on Video) and and off he goes... Yeah unbelievable that someone would be such a shit.

So I call my honey who drives for 45 minutes to bring my spare key from home. The buttons do not work on key #2 so I manually unlock the drivers door (I think I would have been OK if I had gone in through the passengers door) The alarm goes nuts and the car won't start but at least I can get in. I spend all day hitching rides bewteen the office and the gas station trying out new ideas that would let me into the car and start it up so I can get home.

Finally when I was talking with one of many dealers, I ask the question if there is away to disarm the alarm and yes...the little black box is tucked in behind a big black box of wires and fuses under the left rear passenger seat. With some playing around I discover the "THE PLUG" that will shut off the alarm and let the car start. Sheesh ...what a bitch.

So I now order a new key from BMW. It only takes about a week and 350-ish dollars for the replacement. "Oh yeah problem we can we program the key to the car in a jiffy." So... yes you've guessed that, that didn't work.

So now I can get the car...the door only locks manually, the OBC does not work... but everything else seems fine.

I finally get the car back in to BMW and their fancy computer that hangs on the wall will not "talk" to my 1995 540. After messing around for over an hour the service dudes decide to talk to the motherland and try to figure this out.

Today I get a call saying that I have to bring the car in a leave it...and they will try to plug in to a port that is under the rear seat, not the port that is in the engine compartment and hope that this will work. (My Sphincter is now sending warning signals)

Sorry for the long story...I wanted to get all of the details explained.

Is there a DIY solution to this there a non BMW dealer solution to this problem?

As soon as I plug in the alarm connector and use the key the alarm goes crazy.

Any advice is appreciated... Thanks guys


MANDD 06-04-2009 11:11 PM

Check with one of the sponsors near you, they may have the BMW GT-1.

They need to go into the DWA module and clear the alarm fault. The vehicle will start after this.

In some cases you will need to remove the fuse on the DWA module for 15 seconds, reconnect and clear fault then start.

This takes me back to the 90's use to see alot of these at the dealer.

Most dealers are now on the new BMW diagnosis system 3G ISIS, they are still working out some bugs in the system such has communication with the earlier systems.


BigDToronto 06-05-2009 09:16 PM

Where is the DWA module?

MANDD 06-06-2009 03:31 PM

The same black box that you disconnected under the rear seat left side. You will need the GT-1 to clear the fault.


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