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Blown M3 05-12-2009 09:43 PM

M3 S52 Cam Timing
I am having trouble getting the (Cam timing) right for my 98 M3 After replacing the head gasket. I have followed all the directions in the Bently Manual, but there is still a Code. (P1519 'A' camshaft position actuator bank 1) Coming up. I think that it is the cam timing. Can Anybody help me out with this.

JazzM 05-12-2009 09:48 PM

take a look at the stage I document in terms of setting the timing properly:


Blown M3 05-13-2009 11:09 AM

I have also heard that if you get a magnet near the cam sensor it will not work properly (Throw a code). Is this true. I has a magnet near, if not touching the cam sensor because I dropped a nut and a magnet was the only way to pick it up.

MANDD 05-13-2009 01:19 PM

If you have a fax I can send you the correct BMW Procedure. If you are near my area you can pick up the documents.

There is a specific way of adjusting the vanos unit on the M/S52 lump.



Blown M3 05-13-2009 01:37 PM

Yes I do have a fax (613)623-1172 and it would be appreciated if you could fax me the proper way to adjust the cams with the vanos.

MANDD 05-13-2009 02:25 PM

I will send it now, call if you do not get it.


Blown M3 05-13-2009 06:13 PM

Thank You I recieved ther fax. I hope it helps
Once again Thanks

Blown M3 05-13-2009 07:39 PM

MANDD could you please fax me to instlation of the cams right from step 1 from putting the chain on the primary cam sprocket on the exhaust cam and where it goes on the cam. I think it goes to the left of the threaded holes, but I'm not sure, that is what the bentley manual says but there is still a code comming up.

Blown M3 05-13-2009 10:29 PM

Thank you for all the help. Tonight I seem to have it running fine with no codes.

propr'one 05-14-2009 04:04 PM

1519 is also the code the ecu would throw if your vanos is jamming (seals worn out)

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