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NipponM5 04-14-2009 12:14 PM

DIY - E34 M5 cabin microfilter change
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Ok. So, when I got my car late last summer the glove box was half falling off. I checked it out and one of the clips was missing. Bought another one and figured I might as well change the cabin filter.

So I just changed it out yesterday. Had the glove box and vent in my trunk since July. It wasn't too easy....just the position you have to put yourself in was awkward. But, I got her done.

I took pics along the way. The Bentley manual is not sufficient. And I think a lot of people aren't too sure where it is. Hope this helps:

Sorry about the pic order...I tried...

1)Here's the sticker indicating you have one.
2)The new filter.
3) New glove box clip.
4) Glove box and covers are out here.
5) You need a T20 to remove the screws
6) Take the A/C cover off..I thinks there are about 6 screws..2 are longer. The cover with the yellow paint dab in the pic.

7)I disconnected this part at the back with the yellow and blue connections to get the wires out of my way. There's a clip on top of this plastic piece which allows you to slide it in and out if you press it.

8)Wires pushed out of the way..plastic piece slid out

9) remove the two screws on the black plastic part that says 16/60 on it in the pic. That piece can now slide out.

10) This is what the piece looks like behind the 16/60. It's long so be careful and slide it out.

11) Remove the screw at the bottom of the yellow plastic piece. There is a clip at the top that you need to turn out of a slot to free this piece. Now remove this may have to push down on the carpet to get it out.

12) With those parts out you can reach in and feel the old filter...pull it towards the front of the car and slide it out.

13) This is the empty filter slot. Might be a good idea to vacuum it out.

14) Here's the old beside the new.
15) Slide the new one in and reverse the removal procedure. Once you have that stuff back's the glove box install..

16) Install the vent and the plastic piece with the sticker on it make the flashlight connection.

17) Install the top glove box cover and connect the light.

18) Attach the glove box strut.

19) Connect the glove box strap.

20) Snap the two glovebox clips over the bar at the rear.

21) finally install the console side piece and we're done!!! :puke:

Gamite 04-14-2009 12:22 PM

Nice write up.

Nice leather dash, jealous.

MGYVER 04-14-2009 12:47 PM

Thanks for the great writeup !
I've been delaying doing this because I'm not even sure my car has one.
Build date is 1/90

NipponM5 04-14-2009 04:04 PM

I'm not too sure of any other way to determine if you have the filter or not. I imagine those stickers fall off over time. Maybe BMW could tell you with the VIN #?

I'm going to be tackling some of that leather soon. The door panels are shrinking..

bmwm5lover 04-17-2009 09:59 AM

Great write up. Thank you.
Seems I am one of the few M5's don't have leather wrapped center piece/glove box. Does that make me special? :D

NipponM5 04-18-2009 07:54 AM

Oh ya, it makes you special all right! :D

Besides, that dude in your passenger seat would scratch it all up...

e24_635csi 04-21-2009 09:59 AM

thanks for the write up. i just bought a cabin filter last week and at least now i'll know how to do it.

JINT 12-02-2009 10:41 PM

Does a 1990 535i have a cabin filter? i've been looking for mine in that area under the glovebox, took apart everything, it's just not there ! Maybe wrong spot?

ALPINA MAN 06-12-2010 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by e24_635csi (Post 1291820)
thanks for the write up. i just bought a cabin filter last week and at least now i'll know how to do it.

Same here, and now I know, thanks.

MGYVER 06-13-2010 12:40 PM

Cabin filter
I have a spare one for sale if anyone needs one.

Jeffrey 09-16-2013 08:25 PM

Hi! Just a little aside, it turns out 1995 e34 540i/6's came with this cabin filter as well. So few cars did, most were never changed. As a new 540 owner a few years ago I mentioned to my mechanic the cabin blowers seemed down on air volume, he ended up checking (and replacing) my cabin air filter with awesome (for an e34 540) results.
So if anyone still has a '95 model year 540i with poor ventilation, don't despair! All that may be required is replacing your in cabin filter (that nobody knows you have).

dkorn 04-03-2015 04:17 PM

Thankfully, on series E39 onward, BMW put the cabin air filter(s) in the engine compartment. Changing is like changing an air filter.

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