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Biggie 04-09-2009 01:04 PM

Need a Head Unit for E46
Hi guys,

I was going through the threads here and found some regarding what Im asking about but not with all the points I need info on so thought Id pick everyones brains here a bit....if possible :)

I have a 2000 E46 with the Business cd - Harmon Kardon and CD changer.

I want to get a new head unit that plays CDs/Mp3s - but Id like something with the same kind of illumination as my interior...amber/orange. What model would you recommend? Something thats easy to get...Id like to avoid buying online or though ebay if possible.

I also want to keep my steering wheel controls with the new head unit...would that be possible and who would you recommend to do the full install....I want to hook up my rockford amp and my 12inch JBL sub once I get the head would prefer doing it all at once.

Last question -- would the CD changer in the trunk still work after all this or should I remove it and sell it or somethin ?

Thanks all !

piotrek636 04-09-2009 05:10 PM

good luck, the mp3 version decks go for around $300 *thmbsdwn*

just get an ipod cable or make one *th-up*

Biggie 04-11-2009 01:19 PM

Im prepared to dish out the bills for a kick ass long as it does what I need it to and goes with my interior lights:)

I was looking at the ipod option but just thought it would be better to go the extra mile so I can use my sub/amp etc...get the best sound possible.

Porter86 04-11-2009 06:58 PM

yes you can still use your cd changer. theres options, im familiar with this stuff not an expert but i went through this when i had my seabring. if you want to use your the cd change, you will need to find, what i would assume to be Harmon kardon since id assume thats what it is, deck, or do your research, ask around at shops that you know of, or just look up shops around and call them and ask if they know. theres a couple her ein oakville that you could call, ones altered sound, n the other is audio illusion. There both usually very helpful.

It will cost you will a bit more but it is definitely do able!! now if you would rather sell the changer n make a few hundred bucks and spend it on a good head unit. than do that, but if your wanting mp3 cd sell the changer, and get a dvd readable head unit, now up to you if you want a fold out one for actual dvds, or just a small screen one, and you can use dvd to burn your all your music on, and you can get around 900 songs on it. my buddy has dvd player in his truck n he had like 866 songs on on dvd and a bunch of them were massive files.

Biggie 04-13-2009 04:55 PM

Well...I did some rounds buy and future shop -- their rates r insane...they want like 150 for the converter, then another 80 for the kit - which is not that bad - but then they want another 75 for the install -- and another 30 odd for stuff they think 'they may need'

At this point I think keeping the factory unit is not the best I also checked out the prices of after market units....I can get a decent Alpine with sub control/ipod/phone etc for 199 - but thats gonna be another 45 for the install on the head unit - then the 75 for the sub install and the most painful part....they want 150 for the adapter to keep the steering wheel volume controls with the alpine deck and 50 for the install....

At this point...I told them thanks guys but no thanks....:) Need to keep lookin around !

Porter86 04-13-2009 07:16 PM

If you buy all the stuff, I am willing to do the install it for you! i've done plenty of system installs. The only thing is you are going to want to spend the money on good wire and cables. so let me know what you want to do, i dont have a problem doing this install for you, we'll just have to talk and figure out one day on a weekend.

Biggie 04-13-2009 07:52 PM

Thats great, bud...thanks! Will definately try and work something out with u once I figure out what Im doing :) As of now...the after market head unit hunt is on...soon as I settle on that 100% - Ill grab a good kit and the accesories..etc...only thing I need to probably order would be the adapter to keep the steering wheel controls...

Porter86 04-13-2009 08:48 PM

yeah and then once you have it we'll figure out a day, now when you get that, and if you open it, dont throw away the instructions, i have never installed one those before, and i will need to read how to,lol...:P. i assume its fairly easy, and simple but just in case. and cool, just pm me when you have everything. you need installed, and i will direct on you on what else you will need to install it, wires, what size rca cables, and how much your willing to spend on the wires, cause as much as you spend on deck sub n amp, i wont me crap if your wires aren't good enough.

Al's 04-14-2009 10:58 PM

make sure to update this thread as iam looking for the same options on a deck.

Porter86 04-14-2009 11:07 PM

will do, as i am as well...i should picking up my e46 my mon/tues and aiming to have the dvd deck installed by the cruise so the gf can have something to watch,lol.

Biggie 04-15-2009 04:53 PM

Dude the dvd would be wicked...I wish I could do that too but the wallet is gonna take a huge hit this month with the tinting, rims, tyres...angel eyes..and now the music

Porter86 04-15-2009 07:57 PM

it is wicked, my buddy has one, its sweet cause he uses dvd cds for music and its crazy amounts of songs, buts its no just hit next hit next to go thru the songs, you have the screen u get like 7 songs per screen, and you dont have to change songs to find a diff song,lol.

Steve@ASPTuning 04-18-2009 10:49 AM

Well you can get the BMW OEM head unit in cars 03+ it was that plays CD-RW's and MP3's.

Or what you can do is get an Ipod, and get a FM transmitter for it and play music that way.

That way you save $$$ and don't have to dish out crazy amounts of money for a new head unit, and the trim kit too.

But goodluck.


nachos23 07-23-2009 09:44 PM

An easy upgrade to your stock radio is the BMW Audio line in connector. Available from Tischler BMW at a much better cost than from BMW Canada

BMW product code: 82110149389 cost is: $31.96 US. With shipping +duty = approx $60 cdn. Installs into back of stock radio and adds "AUX" input to display. Radio detects installation of cable automatically. Mine did not have AUX input showing till after I installed the cable.. Use it with my iPod through headphone jack.... Doesn't control iPod, but can be used for any device with a standard 1/4" jack. Works amazing and only took about 30 minutes to install. Mounted the connector inline with the other controls (seat heater, etc) on control unit just below cubby hole..... Still have full functionality of my 6-disk changer in trunk and Business Audio HU.

Just my two cents......

Auto-links 08-04-2009 03:03 PM

Hi Biggie,

My name is John , we are currently in the process of becoming a sponsor on this site.
We can get you into a kenwood deck with steering wheel control and ipod for a much better price ,
let me know if your still looking to have this done!


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