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Betray 02-21-2003 05:33 PM

who programs?
Not just VB =)

thinair 02-21-2003 05:37 PM

I do, but it's not something I enjoy (or remember all that well)

///Greco540 02-21-2003 05:37 PM

Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Multi-Tier Apps, PHP, Shell, Perl, C should I go on...

PS: That's what I do for a living...

djcontra 02-21-2003 06:03 PM

I used to but not so much anymore, just sat. stuff now

languages i know/knew

1. basic
2. turbo pascal
3. c++
4. GNU-C (for nintendo 64 programming)
5. VB (for sat scripting)
6. a little ASM (for sat 3m coding, and viruses)

i'd like to one day learn html, i can debug it but i can't code it very well in notepad =)

KIRASIR 02-21-2003 06:12 PM

.NET, VB, ASP.NET, ASP, JS, DHTML, COM. LDAP, SQL, anything that has to do with Microsoft and Windows, plus piles of other crap. ...been writing code for the last 10 years.


bmwm5lover 02-21-2003 06:42 PM

I Voted for "WTF are you talking about"

Betray 02-21-2003 06:56 PM

some smaert people in here =)

bmwm5lover 02-21-2003 06:56 PM


Originally posted by Betray
some smaert people in here =)

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