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Miguel 02-11-2003 01:09 AM

Dude, Im going to Jail!
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The Dell guy got arrested...
Click HERE

Lil'Smoothie 02-11-2003 01:15 AM

hahah I heard it on the radio at work

that is ****ing jokes my friend!

///Milk 02-11-2003 01:19 AM

what are they going to do to my precious D/_/_/ LL tho?!
Looks like the joke is on you "Steve"!

sirex 02-11-2003 01:19 AM

buying merijuana can get u arrested?

///Milk 02-11-2003 01:22 AM

any possesion of marijuana is a "crime"

FastM3 02-11-2003 01:23 AM

hahahahaha what a we all know he is a pothead when we see him on tv :D:D:D

Mr seville 02-11-2003 01:23 AM

dude we're not getting another dell!!!! i have to pay the weed man!!!:D

///Milk 02-11-2003 01:24 AM

next thing you know he'll be on one of those anti-drug commercials :)

slemmer 02-11-2003 01:57 AM

I guess he had too much money from his commercials that he had to spend it somewhere.

sonic07 02-11-2003 02:51 AM

Re: Dude, Im going to Jail!

Originally posted by Miguel
The Dell guy got arrested...
Click HERE

purchase any dell computer comes with free marijuana and free overnight staying in jail.

SpoolinS6 02-11-2003 03:23 AM

bro thats one serious joke i remember all those old dell


Furious 02-11-2003 03:24 AM

dude your getting a CELL!

Soldo 02-11-2003 04:01 AM

hahaha, he does WEED, i would have NEVER guessed it with all those comercials!!

1BADBMW 02-11-2003 04:27 AM

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i hate that Dell guy, all i gotta say to him is :

Slowered318 02-11-2003 11:59 AM

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Originally posted by 1BADBMW
i hate that Dell guy, all i gotta say to him is :
HAHAHA Deniro! love that pic

Dell guy is gonna get something like this when he gets to jail. LOL

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