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525iT_Feen 09-10-2008 01:43 PM

I couldn't leave my Canadian family hanging - New paint/New Wheels
Well I rarely post here anymore but I know that Andre does and you guys are IT when it comes to the euro bmw stuff so I couldn't deprive you of updates with the 540. This was quoted directly off of bimmerforums just to save me time in retyping it:


A few months ago my car got rear ended right after pulling off the showgrounds at Hot Import Nights. With the damage to the trunk I planned on a rear end repair and subtle flaring of the rear quarters. About a month after the accident the car had the misfortune of getting keyed along with part of my moms XI in our driveway so I decided I might as well dish out the cash I had put away for my system and other mods and just getting the entire thing sprayed. I originally considered doing something wild and changing the color but after much research and talking with people changed my mind and opted for a little darker version of Schwartz II.

The car is going to be wetsanded and buffed once more in two weeks and the shop owner told me he wants to spray the hood and trunk over in November because he isn't satisfied but overall it came out great.

For the first time today I had the oportunity to shoot some quick pics. It was starting to rain so the pics are sub par but it gets the point across:

Lets go Red Sox (Green Monster):

More random shots:

Thank to Mike spastic for hosting these in high resolution/full quality:

----Current Modlist (for those who care)----
Retrofit Hella Celis taillights (I lost the ambers in the accident but they will be back)
Euro Hellas with 6000k low beams
DDM M5 front bumper with 6000k fogs
Flared front Fenders
Flared Rear Quarters
Custom Boser Hood
Euro Decklid
Shaved Roundels/emblems front to back
Shadowline Trim
Chrome M5 kidneys
ACS Mirrors

- Schmidt VN-Line wheels 19x11/19x10 front
Falken 452's

- OZ Futura wheels 18x11/18x9.5 front
Pirelli Pzero Nero's

Custom Software
Rogue SSK
Bilstein PSS9s with no front helper springs
TC Design thrust bearings
Magnaflow High Flow cats
Magnaflow Muffler
Resonator Delete

ZHP shift knob
e46 SMG M3 wheel
M5 cluster rings
Infinity speakers/tweeters/mids
Element Designs 10 inch subs
Element Designs Amp
Custom trunk box designed for e39s

Future Mods:
- Victor Sport Wheel (on order)
- Euro Amber Tails (again)
- Alcantara Suede headliner
- Complete Trunk Mount box / system reconstruction
- 03 740 sport seats
- :evil2

525iT_Feen 09-10-2008 01:44 PM



For the true fitment freaks:

As some of you know I have been working on fitting 5x112 OZ Futuras to the car. I am almost there! I ordered my adapters and lugs but ran into issues with my stock lugs. I had to place another order for new lugs and should have the wheels mounted on Friday.

Here are a few teaser pics along with pics of the wheels on the previous owners cars (he used to own my car too for those of you who don't know):

They are fully polished and the one pic in my trunk is just dusty. They look much better when clean ;)

To all the purists who absolutely hate my car...I LOVE YOU GUYS. Without the hate, I wouldn't have nearly as much motivation to keep doing what I do.

Friendly Reminder every time I hit the pumps:

And the most necessary sticker of all:

VSanj 09-10-2008 01:49 PM

good damn...........that is one awesome looking car brother!!!

QUEEN AJAILA 09-10-2008 01:49 PM

Very Sexxxy Car

JunzieB 09-10-2008 02:36 PM

Definitely a sweet ride*th-up*

Trouble65 09-10-2008 02:45 PM


ImolaZHP 09-10-2008 04:14 PM

looks like it's about to attack!
very nice car

e24_635csi 09-10-2008 05:14 PM

love the wheels, 11's in the rear daaamn, what size tires are you currently running? sometimes makes we wish i bought a e39.

Dysantic 09-10-2008 08:27 PM

That car looks so mean when you see it from the front. If I saw that in my rearview I would be scared. lol

525iT_Feen 09-11-2008 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by e24_635csi (Post 1198265)
love the wheels, 11's in the rear daaamn, what size tires are you currently running? sometimes makes we wish i bought a e39.


Thanks a bunch guys!

///M POWER 09-11-2008 09:38 AM

Mean looking 5er...Great Work!!!

kevin325 09-11-2008 11:44 AM

looks great, i love the rims *th-up*

525iT_Feen 09-11-2008 01:23 PM

Thanks fellas

piotrek636 09-11-2008 02:40 PM

that is one funny sticker !!!! btw, car looks nice !

Gamite 09-11-2008 03:01 PM

So that's where andre's old wheels went. They're gonna look great. can't wait. U'r changing the bolt pattern?

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