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JamesEH 09-09-2008 10:01 AM

1988 325i Auto Grey/rust on Grey for sale - Great for parts
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1988 325i Grey/Rust on Grey leather Auto
332,000km on body - 260,000km on engine

The short story on the car is the timing belt tensioner broke 2.5 years ago (previous goof only changed the belt) so I took it as a challenge to swap in another engine. No leaks, but 3 winters of use, with pre-existing rust, and a bubble near the sunroof that exploded this year into a massive malignant roof scar, make it not worth any more effort.

The Bad:
RUST! Nasty roof rust near sunroof. Not the panel itself, but the roof starting at the seam… along bottom of doors, probably the floors are going, rear trunk, etc. etc.
Shite muffler fell off at the end of winter so it’s without one right now. I have a stainless steel one you could have with the purchase of the rest of the car
Been sitting for 3 months, so the brakes are pretty much toast.
Door window seems I’m pretty sure leak, or at least on the drivers side. The drivers floor area has been getting damp – especially with non-stop rain this summer.
There is a small leak from the steering rack, or one of it's connectors. I topped up every month to two months.
The body and tires are a carrier for all the parts listed below.

The Usable:
Grey leather heated seats – Driver seat back has come off, but I still have it. Looks like the brass clips have broken. If you can fashion a way to keep it on, then the seats are pretty decent.
13 button OBC
Dash no cracks
Fully working cluster
Shitty OEM tape deck that crackles if it’s not on the CD player when using volume knob (Electronic De-oxit might cure it) I have the code.
Panasonic 6-Disc trunk mount CD player with crappily mounted trunk sub and amp– Controls tastfully mounted behind right hand side of the steering wheel on dash
rust free sun roof panel - I'll confirm to be sure.
Hood is in decent condition
3 out of 4 window regulators
Passenger side fog lamp
Unmounted stainless steel exhaust
The following items were all done 2 years ago or 20,000km
Engine Mounts
Transmission mounts
Exhaust to Auto transmission bracket
Exhaust hangers (don't work if the exhaust hook rusts off)
Timing Belt, Alternator, Power steering belts
All hoses
Mechanical Engine Fan
Fan shroud
Fan clutch
Ignition coil, wires, plugs, cap and rotor
Oxygen sensor
Waterpump, thermostat
Guibo Flex disc
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter
Engine seals - Does not leak oil
Good oil pan

I’ll try to get some pics of the various bits, but keep in mind, the body isn’t worth photographing except for the sunroof.

The car should be towed. No muffler, and brakes that haven't been used in three months should be a deterrent to driving it far.

I should also point out that I'm lazy, and don't want to part anything.
Attached are two photos that show the interior, although they are older shots.

If the price is too high, let me know - if it's too low, giggle and come get it.
Thanks for looking,

PM or email to james dot hodgkinson at gmail dot com preferred.

craz azn 09-09-2008 04:04 PM

Any more pics of the outside/rust?

JamesEH 09-09-2008 06:20 PM

I'll try to take some tonight... if they don't turn out, I'll try tomorrow. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to post them.

I also wanted to point out - I'm not looking to make loads of cash. I would rather someone get something out of the parts than the wrecker. The bigger ticket items (alternator, fuel pump) would be nice to have on hand for myself, but I won't be needing those for a long time.

Also, all glass is in good condition.

JamesEH 09-10-2008 08:52 AM

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Here's some shots from this morning... pardon the dew. I have the front lip as well, which isn't pictured on the car.


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