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6appeal 05-28-2008 10:27 PM

My DDM experience
I've been seeing a lot about DDMtuning being said on the forums, mainly about how they deal with us Canadians so I figured I would tell people about my experience in hopes of making people less reluctant.

April 8th: Called in and ordered (cut the B/S and call rather than send messages to DDM)

E46 facelift white corner lights with black trim $25
E46 facelift white sidemarkers $25
E46 facelift white and red tail lights $110
E46 DDE Plus Angel Eyes (with harness) $55
E36 DDE Plus Angel Eyes $55

I paid with my credit card over the phone and was told that shipping would total $65 and agreed to my request to value all the items at $100 to save me a few dollars at the border. After I confirmed what I ordered and my payment, I was told that it would 3-5 business days to receive the items.

3 weeks later...
I got tired of waiting and called them up again to see the status of my shipment. It turns out they had held on to my items because the tail lights were on back order. Even though all the other items I had ordered were in stock, they did not want to ship anything separately due to a higher shipping cost and without my authorization. I told them to ship what they had and ship the tails whenever they get it. Shipping them separately turned out costing about $40 more but I didn't care, I wanted my stuff. They agreed and gave me a FedEx tracking number so I can track the first shipment. This shipment would include everything listed except for the tails.

I get the tracking number messaged to me on bimmerforums shortly after the phone call and begin tracking my shipment. The package was in the Mississauga sorting facility (in from San Diego) within 36 hours. I got them on the 3rd business day at 11am. Fastest shipment I've ever had. I paid $40 tax on delivery. I'm still waiting for the tail lights.

I just wish they had called me to tell me that the tail lights were on backorder. Aside from that, they were extremely helpful. The items were shipped promptly, there were no surprise costs, and the quality of items were great. The corners are made by Depo and apparently so are the tails. The Angel Eyes are the best and a breeze to install (Thanx Propr'one!). They are comparable to ThinLine Angel Eyes available from Umnitza and half the cost. Their prices are the lowest and they have an awesome selection. They also gave me tips on installing the Angel Eyes once I called in during the installation.

Thank you to Marcus and DDMtuning.

sthomas 05-29-2008 09:46 AM

Just thought I'd add my experience. I made a big order, including multiple bumpers. The plan was to pick-up the order just across the border in Port Huron (at Fedex hub) and deal with the border issues myself. This order was placed back in March.

Unfortunately, the Fedex hub would not hold the package so I ended up having to drive an extra 2 hours to get the package at a hub that would hold the package. DDM said they would try to get my shipping money back due to this error, but nothing has happened with that.

When I got the order I noticed that there were problems. I was missing one package of bumper parts, the HID kits I ordered were wrong (incorrect bulbs), the fog lights did not match (one OEM and one crystal clear) and one was broken.

I talked with DDM and the bumper parts were shipped out within a few weeks. However, they forgot to ship the correct HID bulbs and fogs. Over two months later, and MANY emails/phone calls and I'm still waiting for the HID's and fogs! Everytime I call they tell me they are on the way - but nothing yet.

The E36 M3 front bumper was an excellent part. I got it painted and it bolted up fine - perfect fitment. This is an excellent product at a great price!

The E36 M3 twisty side-skirts are not so nice. They are to long for the car - yes they actually stick into the front wheel-well over 1/4 inch! The clips are crap - they don't click into place, and they are very fragile (I broke 5 of them installing one side). I ordered new clips from Pelican which are MUCH better (OEM). I would not recommend the side-skirts.

The aluminum pedals seem fine. Installed fine and look great. Great product.

The fog lights were mis-matched and one was broken. They included brackets, but they are inferior to OEM - much more flexible. They did include bulbs though! Not a bad product, but definitely a step down from OEM.

HID's - I ordered the DDM ones. I'm still waiting on the right bulbs (anybody need H10 10,000K bulbs? - I've got 6!). However, the ballasts are nice and small and installed easily. If I ever get the bulbs I'll provide an update - but from what I can see these are a nice product at a great price.

I found that dealing with DDM for sales by email is a waste of time. They never respond. They were always friendly on the phone and seemed to genuinely want to fix the problems though. However, they just can't seem to execute - and things continue to drag on. Perhaps I am just an exception to the rule, but I have not had a good sales experience. Too bad, since some of their products are good at great prices...

Lower_Level 05-29-2008 10:59 AM

I'll clime in on this as well; only because for the most part I was very satisfied with my dealings with DDMtuning.

I ordered one of their $199 depo packages that were offered about 2 months ago; as well as a set of their m3 replica mirrors.

I called in my order as suggested by Jim (the owner). When I placed my order; I asked that all of my items be shipped to New York to a friend's house. I would highly recommend this because their shipping rates to Canada are insane & now some of the larger items don't ship north anymore. Once the order information was taken & credit card info given they told me that I would be receiving an e-mail with my invoice & fedex tracking #. Within about 15 mins of hanging up the phone; I got a call from Leif at DDM. He told me that there was an error in their stock; and that my headlights would be on backorder for approx. one week. No worries.

As promised I got an e-mail with a tracking # in a few hours. I called DDM and asked why I had a tracking # so soon since items were backordered? My response was that I must have gotten lucky & they had a set of headlights left to fill my order. I asked specifically if they were splitting the order & made it quite clear that I would not pay additional shipping if they were! They said that they don't split shipping like that.

Fast forward one week: I get another e-mail from DDM with another invoice ($0 balance) with a second tracking #. I was still waiting for delivery of the first package they shipped ( was scheduled to arrive a day or two later)!! I call DDM again; and asked what the second tracking # was for and they told me that they weren't sure; but to let them know if I received everything I ordered... :confused:

As scheduled; the first package arrives & it's my headlights but no mirrors. About a week later the second package arrives & it was the mirrors. No extra charges for their shipping errors. Everything was just as described & I seen it as good quality for the price.

Fast forward 2 more weeks: By this point I'm getting pretty pissed that the Angel Eyes in my headlights don't light up half the time most of which I figured was because of the temperature outside. But I called DDM anyways to see what they thought the problems might be. They said it was an issue with their inverters & offered to send me another set as replacements free of charge; which I received about 2 weeks later in the mail.

I was overall pleased with my DDM experience; and wouldn't have a problem recommending them to others; as long as they don't try to ship to Canada. But you have to remember that DDM deals mainly with Chinese replica merchandise so you're gonna get what you pay for. Some is good; some is not!

M3ti Compact 05-29-2008 11:22 PM

I have a very similar story. Shipping took over a month. There was no tracking number or e-mails even after I paid. It was only after I called them that they explained that the part is backordered, and there was a problem with shipping to Canada...things that I would not have found out- and things that would have prevented shipment until who knows when if I had not called them myself to follow up.

Then, I got these side skirts, which was missing one jack hole cover ($8 at BMW) and that are 2cm too long for the car- then they told me that a 318ti is is shorter than a normal E36. I told them that was not true, and only then they admitted that they know the skirts are too long and offered a refund. Essentially they call the customers bluff on the skirts- and offer a refund if they complain. Either way, your going to be out the customs, and shipping if you go that route.

They are nice and professional over the phone, but I will definitly not deal with them again, or recommend them to anyone without a buyer beware. There has been a pretty consistient response (slow delivery, bad product), but I believe that their prices are so low that people are letting things slide that any other shop will be raked over the coals for. Be fully forewarned.

slemmer 05-30-2008 12:02 AM

Sounds like they don't much inventory and only place an order to China when they get sufficient demand.

6appeal 05-30-2008 04:45 PM

I had the E46 tails on back order. I got an e-mail that was an invoice for everything that I had purchased. I wondered why I got another invoice until I noticed that it was sent to confirm full payment and to notify me that the tails came in and were sent out USPS Priority Mail. I think they should be here by next week.

Mickey Knox 05-30-2008 11:41 PM

i ordered depo headlights HId kit and tails, took a few weeks to get here, i called in a few times, they didnt have the bulbs come in yet, so it took a while longer, everything worked, nothing missmatched, good prices long wait.

rayman 05-31-2008 04:42 PM

ordered my depo gen IV and hids 3 weeks ago and still don't have them, however, I just received a tracking number. Bottomline is that the wait seems longer than buying from one of their competitors but they are cheaper. So you have to ask yourself if your time is worth what you'd be saving. For me it was...but then again, I'm a cheap guy. Seriously though, from my research they seem to have good warranty support. Many vendors have "lifetime" warranties but it seems like the chances are better for not being told that your problem is not covered under warranty due to your own fault.

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